01 April 2011

My remarkable morning -

This morning I spotted something quirky that I thought would be fun to post on the site. I quickly pulled into a parking lot and took a few photos of this "Random Weird Thing" (you'll see it tomorrow). Then, as I returned to my car I glanced up and found a Ben's Bell! I was astonished!

For years I have been reading about Ben's Bells and how these handmade bells are distributed all over Tucson to spread the message about kindness. I never thought that I would actually find one! It filled me with such joy. Here's what the tag says (in English and Spanish): "You have found a Ben's Bell. Take it home, hang it in your yard, and remember to spread kindness throughout our world. Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

I am thrilled to have been guided to this beautiful gift. I don't know anyone who has actually found a Ben's Bell - do you?


  1. I hope that idea works, the world sure needs more kindness.

  2. Good morning, Steffe! The beautiful concept of distributing Ben's Bells was born out of the grief of parents who lost their son, Ben. Read the great story of this organization (and the recipients' moving stories!) on www.bensbells.org

  3. Oh wow, that must have made you feel blessed! What a wonderful gift.

  4. I found your blog when I googled ben's bells. That is wonderful you found one. I hope one finds it's way to me some day. I love how the project connects people- and since I stopped and read your blog- in the spirit - I thought I would leave a comment and say - hello Tucson neighbor. :) have a nice day !
    Carolyn Anne Anderson.

  5. Thanks,Carolyn, for taking the time to write. I hung my bell on my patio and I can see it from my kitchen and from my home office desk, too.