21 April 2011

Breathtakingly beautiful ~ peacocks!

So imagine my surprise as I was approaching the entry to the Green Things nursery and I heard very loud cooing. I stepped to investigate and to the left of the entry is a huge coop and a group (flock?) of gorgeous peacocks were doing what peacocks do - strutting. One was fanning his magnificent tail but I wasn't quick enough to capture it. Simply wonderful~


  1. These are so nice. They almost always make a nice photograph.

    They need a pretty song to go with their good looks. Those that roam wild in the park in Greenville, Ohio have a bad bronchial coughing song that doesn't go with their looks.

  2. Hey, Abe. These birds seemed in very fine shape - their coloration was brilliant and their eyes were bright. Check in tomorrow to see another unusual resident at this plant nursery! (: