25 July 2019

LION ~ Exit, stage right

Check out the previous post to see both mountain lions in full view. This one shows one beautiful mountain lion lounging near the water hole and the other one is walking off screen - you can see his/her hind leg and TAIL. Thanks to Susan Dodson, a Tucson realtor, for these photos!!

22 July 2019

YES - TWO Mountain Lions! Scroll down!

Thanks to my friend Sue Dodson's wildlife cam (she is a Tucson realtor), I bring you this magnificent photo of TWO mountain lions who are enjoying the water station near El Conquistador Resort. Wow & MEOW!
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson

20 July 2019

Takes your breath away.....

I am happy to share this iconic image of Earth as seen from the Moon. This photo encourages self reflection and provides a perspective on the world's ills that can be refreshing and inspiring... maybe even hopeful. Do you remember watching the lunar landing? Share your memories! 

19 July 2019

Magical Moon - 50 years ago!

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing (July 20, 1969 if you have been napping!), I am re-posting this stunning "Magical Moon" image from Feb 2, 2018. So much mystery and magic captured in this photo of a pink/coral moon against the intense cobalt blue sky. Gorgeous!
Thanks to George Goldman for this stunning image!

16 July 2019

My Bouquet to You ~

The fabulous Torch Cactus bursts into bloom for just one day but it certainly puts on a spectacular show! Enjoy! 

11 July 2019

Home Grown ~

My grape vine is producing a massive amount of grapes! They are sweet and delicious! Maybe this year I will try to make some wine....  any winemakers out there to offer advice? 

07 July 2019

With no barn in sight...

I caught this beautiful Barn Owl at the Desert Museum as part of their Raptor Free Flight program (totally amazing!). Gorgeous, isn't he?

01 July 2019

GREAT advice!

This has got to be just about the best advice! GREAT message on this license plate!