11 July 2019

Home Grown ~

My grape vine is producing a massive amount of grapes! They are sweet and delicious! Maybe this year I will try to make some wine....  any winemakers out there to offer advice? 


  1. Those are beautiful! How do you keep the birds away? As far as winemaking, my husband's grandfather used to make wine every year. Don't have the recipes and don't know where the equipment went. His wife grew a lot of tomatoes. The whole back yard was filled with tomato plants. She would jar them up for the winter.

  2. That sounds wonderful! The birds DO eat some but there are many many grapes left. As to tomatoes... I tried to grow tomatoes years ago and one morning I couldn't figure out what happened to my almost-ready-to-pick crop (I thought it was birds). All tomatoes vanished in the night. Later I found out that it was my Husky, Nanook, who ate them all!!!