01 July 2019

GREAT advice!

This has got to be just about the best advice! GREAT message on this license plate! 


  1. Agreed! I request most of my books from the library and when I pick them up, the librarians usually comment on my choices. What is your favorite genre? I am enjoying historical fiction right now.

    1. I also enjoy historical fiction but my absolute favorites are murder mysteries and espionage plots -- crime and spies!

    2. Those are good. Do you have any favorite authors? I'm always looking for recommendations.

  2. Hi Kathy! Oh boy that is a hard question - the list is so long. I like Lee Child's Jack Reacher, anything by Jeffrey Deaver or Nelson Demille, Preston & Child have invented a very interesting FBI Agent named Agent Pendergast.... What are you reading right now??

  3. Jack Reacher is absolutely one of my favourites too!

    Warm regards from the Netherlands,
    Esmé (aka Alexander van de Moatboer)