31 July 2015

Heavenly gate ~

As you have seen in recent posts, Bisbee, AZ is full of art and interesting buildings. Here is another amazing, beautiful example of sculpture tucked away on one of the many winding streets of this former mining boom town. These dramatic bronze angels hover over a gate to a private residence. They are the work of artist Benjamin Dale. Simply breathtaking! Additional note: the angels image illustrates the cover of Sky Rocket Prophet's Valley Hymns album. 

30 July 2015

Enjoy Royale Treatment ~

This great movie theatre in Bisbee, AZ is a converted church. Similar to Tucson's The Loft Cinema, the Royale shows foreign and classic films and serves beer, wine, and food so you can drink and dine while you enjoy a film. I have to say that the sculpture has to be the biggest fly I have ever seen! Don't know the story about it so if you do, please share! 

29 July 2015

Gargoyle Sentry ~

Built into a mountainside, Bisbee, AZ has lots of winding paths and roads - former mule routes for the copper mine operation. Enjoy this charming view - and don't miss the path's Guardian Gargoyle! 

28 July 2015

Bisbee - a lively ghost town ~

The old mining town of Bisbee, AZ is full of interesting stories. And some of them are ghost stories as the famous Bisbee Ghost Tour will verify. This stencil might be a stop on the tour or just be a sentiment by a Bisbee resident. 

27 July 2015

Bisbee's one-of-a-kind race ~

Here is "Stairway #3" in the annual climb event. Bisbee, AZ is an old mining town near Tucson. After the boom, Bisbee transformed itself into a quirky and interesting Old West artisan community. Each year the town hosts the Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb, a unique fitness challenge that uses the town's many winding streets and steep stairways to create a fun event. This year it will be held in October. Click on the link for more info or to register for it! "The Climb" provides many astounding views of the town and the surrounding mountains. Climb on! 

26 July 2015

From Copper Queen to Silver King - take your pick!

Yesterday I showed you the lobby of Bisbee, AZ's famous Copper Queen Hotel. Here is a lesser known but quite distinctive very small (7 rooms!) hotel nearby: the Silver King Hotel. It claims it has Arizona's smallest bar and yes, the bar is tiny! Cute place and pet friendly. 

25 July 2015

The Copper Queen ~ still regal

The centerpiece of Bisbee, AZ is the Copper Queen Hotel. Here's a shot of the lobby decorated with period furniture. The construction started in 1898 and was finished in 1902. For a time Bisbee was the biggest city between St Louis and San Francisco!  

24 July 2015

Fair warning to visitors!

Bisbee, AZ is a quirky town not too far from Tucson. It sprang up as a mining town that had its boom at the turn of the century with copper. Now it has transformed itself into an artists community of sorts with lots of galleries and antique shops. The town is built into a mountain so there are many winding, narrow stone streets and houses perched at impossible angles. Here's a gate announcing the temperament of its resident feline.

22 July 2015

Memorial - just a few days short of 14


Here is my precious boy, Nanook. Next week he would have celebrated his 14th birthday so he had a good long life filled with lots of adventures. He was fascinated by cats and I was able to capture him staring at a neighbor's cat - funny photo! He was a gentle and patient boy with the sweetest of personalities. Very easy going except with needles! My vet always had to use a tiny pediatric needle on him when he got his shots. I will miss him more than I can describe... but I know he is no longer in pain and is already chasing rabbits (and maybe cats, too!). Goodbye my wonderful friend.

21 July 2015

Mural-sized vintage postcard ~

Here's another view of the office for the Shady Dell Trailer Hotel in Bisbee, AZ. I love this mural! It looks like a giant vintage postcard that someone may have mailed in the 1950's. "Wish you were here!" 

20 July 2015

For your next vacation, travel to the 1950's ~

If you travel south of Tucson to Bisbee, AZ you can stay in a very unusual "hotel" called the Shady Dell. It is actually a campground compound of perfectly restored 1950's trailers - each one is decorated with a theme. Here is the office entrance. Fun!  

18 July 2015

Stargazing Cat ~

I love this photo of the stargazing cat! Siri, a feline admirer of the Carinia Nebula, is perhaps looking for signs of life.... or maybe she just spotted a bug. (:
Photo courtesy of Emily Joseph.

17 July 2015

Smile as you drive by ~

The staff at my vet's office puts up great messages on their street sign. This is what you see driving west as you pull into their driveway. At this part of 22nd Street there is a road divider so people driving east can't readily see the flip side of the sign. It's like an insider's joke that you have to be walking by to really see it: it says "Squirrel!"  Fun stuff! 

16 July 2015

Trivia time - what are baby peacocks called?

Here is the last photo from the zoo party. I saved this one to post separately because I think it is so special! First, I have never seen baby peacocks (peachicks is their proper name) and I would never have guessed that they have their head crest feathers already. And the one on the right - it looks like he is trying to be an ostrich!!  (:  Wonderful family photo.
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner. 

15 July 2015

Partying with the animals!

Tucson's Reid Park Zoo had a fun Friday night party where all kinds of cool things were taking place around the grounds. The stilt dancers were mesmerizing, the lions were lounging, and this male peacock is looking a bit pensive, wouldn't you say (gorgeous, though!)?
Photos courtesy of Kathi Gardner. 

14 July 2015

Tucson French Community's Annual Fete!

Bastille Day is the French Independence Day and it is officially today (July 14) but it was celebrated a bit early at the Alliance Francaise's new digs. The Alliance recently moved from their Alvernon location to a big space in the Junior League building on River Rd near Campbell. Here French chanteuse Elisabeth Blin entertained the guests with French songs. Wonderful party! 

13 July 2015

May the Farce be With You ~

There were three good guesses of where the Wooden Indian lives but no one hit it on the head -- the Gaslight Theatre. The Indian is in the entry hallway - right across from Donald Duck the rocking horse! The current show is Space Wars and it is, as every show I have ever seen there, hilarious! 

12 July 2015

More clues for "Where is this?"

Yesterday's two guesses were good ones..... but not good enough to win a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt prize! Some additional hints: This fine fellow stands guard on the east side - east of Swan, west of Pantano, south of Broadway, north of 22nd Street. Think..... popcorn!

OK - for those of you who regularly visit the site you know what this means! The first person to identify where this Indian is located wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt or mousepad! Tucson was, after all, the Wild West, so it's no surprise to see a cigar store Indian. But WHERE is he, that's the question! Good luck! 

10 July 2015

I have this problem - do you?

Anyone who travels with a dog has this problem! If you can't figure out this license plate, let me help: Dog Drool. Woof! 

09 July 2015

The tiniest of babies!

Check out these sweet little hummingbird babies! What a remarkable photo showing them in their tiny nest.
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

08 July 2015

Team Tucson Time - number 25!

Those of you who have been visiting the site for awhile know that from time to time I feature a person who I think is part of what makes Tucson great. I am happy to introduce you to the 25th person to be placed in the "Team Tucson" hall of fame - Sue Dodson.

Sue is a long-time friend of mine and she is an amazing and dedicated real estate professional in town. If you are thinking about buying or selling, you should talk to her! She is now a proud sponsor of this site. When you click on her ad photo over there on the left you will be taken to her website.

Her name may already be familiar to you from this site. Sue is also a professional photographer and she has contributed many photos for your enjoyment. 

07 July 2015

Tucson's Catalina River ~

Tucson residents know that we have more than just the official Rillito River - but it all depends on the time of year! Here, for instance, is the seasonal Catalina River which is aptly named by the residents living near the intersection of Catalina & Elmwood. The water had enough oomph to wash away a giant garbage can. But at the same time this was happening, my neighborhood (further east and south) had just a slight five-minute sprinkle.
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner.

06 July 2015

Garden Show off ~

Every year I plant sunflowers along the fence that borders my neighbor's patio. This year's crop has already bloomed and faded except for this one fine specimen. It has now grown up over the fence line and hasn't fully formed its flower yet. Can't wait to see how tall this one will grow! And - you get a glimpse of our monsoon clouds gathering in the background. 

05 July 2015

Salute the tray!

It's OK if you feel so patriotic looking at this tray of cupcakes that you want to salute! I made red velvet cupcakes for a 4th of July party and had to trick them out with red, white, and blue sprinkles and tiny flags! They were a big hit! Fun! 

04 July 2015

Happy 4th of July!

I spotted this patriotic pup in traffic. I asked the owner if I could take a picture of his handsome dog and he lifted the dog's ear and asked me to tell the dog how handsome he was again!  Funny stuff. Have a safe and fun fourth!

03 July 2015

Cactus Condo ~

At first glance you may think that these cholla plants are filled with dead bits that are decaying. Not at all! Those many shaggy clumps that you see are all birds' nests. This cacti is particularly great as a nest location because it is quite unwelcoming to any would-be predators. An encounter with a cholla thorn is very painful indeed. 

02 July 2015

Tipsy King?

As I followed this hot dog cart for a few blocks I naturally pondered the image. OK, so he is "The King" of hot dogs. The bun is his robe. But what is up with his posture? Is he a little tipsy or is he doing some kind of crazy King-of-the-Hot-Dogs dance? What do you think?

01 July 2015

One of Tucson's All Time Best Signs!

I just love this restaurant! It's an American diner sort of place - no frills. And they let you know about it before you even pull into the driveway. So if you are looking for elegant dining.... they suggest you go elsewhere! At night the diner (Frank's) turns into "Francisco's" and they serve Mexican food.
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.