16 July 2015

Trivia time - what are baby peacocks called?

Here is the last photo from the zoo party. I saved this one to post separately because I think it is so special! First, I have never seen baby peacocks (peachicks is their proper name) and I would never have guessed that they have their head crest feathers already. And the one on the right - it looks like he is trying to be an ostrich!!  (:  Wonderful family photo.
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner. 


  1. Thank you Kathi for sharing these wonderful scenes from Reid Park Zoo! The zoo has come such a LONG way from it's beginnings and is now an amazing and ever evolving habitat zoo. I am particularly happy with the new elephant enclosure which I got to see this last January when my family made a driving trip to Tucson (I would like to have met you Diane, but there just wasn't time! Another year...)

    Anyway, I'm in awe of those stilt dancers - I never was very good at balancing, even on the ground! Hoooray Friday Fun at the zoo!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Yes, the zoo's elephant habitat is wonderful. I posted photos of the baby Nandi several months ago. In August the zoo is having a big 1st birthday party for her!
    Yes, definitely let me know when you are next planning a trip to Tucson - we'll have great fun! Dianne

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