31 May 2015

Remember those you love ~

Tucson has a 140-year-old shrine tucked away on Main near Cushing Street: El Tiradito which honors a man who was definitely not a saint! Click on the link to read about this beloved little place.
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson.

30 May 2015

Venomous lizard with an attitude to match!

Here is a handsome - but poisonous - Gila Monster. It is the largest lizard native to the United States. They spend much of their time in their burrows so it's unusual to see one strolling across a residential patio! It's clear he does not enjoy having his photo taken. Check out the forked tongue.
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson.

29 May 2015

Tucson is Corvette Country ~

Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I discovered the Corvette Cafe on Broadway near Wilmot. It's the in-house cafe at O'Rielly Chevrolet - a nice service to customers waiting for their vehicles to be repaired. Who knew that I could order an almond milk latte at a car dealership? Love it!

28 May 2015

Found materials = fun!

These two distinctive and whimsical pieces (Measuring Tape Man on top and Jester on bottom) are the inspiration of local artist David Adix. Jester is made from recycled denim. Currently they are both on display at Pastiche Restaurant but do check out the link to David's website for more samples of his work. As to the meaning of the "5" on Measuring Tape Man.... I'll leave that to the artist to explain. David, if you check in, do tell us more about these works!

27 May 2015

Baby Horned Owls ~

These three baby owls are in residence at a friend's house. She says they are a few weeks old and I only wish that my phone camera could have more fully captured these beautiful birds! The tree they are sitting in is a gigantic old growth beauty and these wise creatures were WAY UP high. It was just wonderful to watch them.

26 May 2015

Zombies in the making ~

Two things are fun about this image: #1 the building in the background has an "ice cream cone" tower similar to the Madaras Gallery photo from a few weeks ago (it was a "Where is this?" location) and #2 the collection of zombies and other papier mache sculpture are drying and waiting for their final coating of paint and ruffles. Look at the shapes - people, cars, stars.... they will be pinatas!

25 May 2015

"Where is this?" is revealed ~


No one guessed this location - it's the Tucson Pet Cemetery. This beautiful burial park is a tranquil and sweet place. The inscriptions on the headstones demonstrate how much these pets are loved by their owners. And this is not just a place for dogs and cats and burros! There are markers for gerbils, squirrels, horses, birds, mice, rabbits, hamsters, fish... so many different types of pets that all share one thing - their owners really miss them and love them.  

24 May 2015

Day #3 of "Where is this?"

Two good guesses so far but neither one is correct. Here's "Harry" - he stands guard near the main building entrance. This sculpture is just about life size. Want to give it a whirl and post a guess? Good luck!

23 May 2015

Another "Where is this?" contest!

Day #2
With just one guess so far it's clear that I need to provide a little more info to help you all identify "Where is this?"  OK - this mystery place is south of Prince, east of Campbell, and north of Grant. Post questions for me and I will do my best to answer them! Good luck.

OK, contestants, start your engines! It's another "Where is this?" contest. Frequent visitors to this site know that the first person to identify this location wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt. I am looking forward to your guesses and good luck!

21 May 2015

Throwback Thursday ~ Tucson 3 years ago

The outdoor concerts at Udall Park featuring the Arizona Symphonic Winds are wonderful! You can enjoy one for the next three Saturdays at 7pm.  Free!

Here's the post from 2012:
Throughout the year the Arizona Symphonic Winds (an amazing volunteer group of musicians) perform concerts around the area. For their summer Saturday night "Concert Under the Stars" series they play in Udall Park. Here is a photo of music lovers settling in to enjoy the performance. For more info on this community treasure, click here
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

20 May 2015

Tucson's Wild West History ~

Tucson's rich Wild West history is still evident in the abundant selection of steakhouses around town. El Corral is a very popular dining spot with residents, snowbirds, and tourists.  And it has a really great neon sign! 

19 May 2015

Tucson Dog Lovers are Everywhere!

Not only is this driver sporting a Dachshund license plate, do check out their decal, too - "Get Low!"

18 May 2015

Tucson's European flair ~

One of the many things I loved about living in New York was the abundance of flower sellers. Every few blocks you will pass flowers displayed in buckets outside of greengrocers. Here in Tucson one of the nicest place to find flowers and lovely gift plants is Trader Joe's. All year round they offer flowers, plants, and herbs to brighten your day.

17 May 2015

Blue skies as far as you can see ~

If you are in elementary school I bet your list of things you need to have fun is pretty short - a field to run around on, a basketball court to practice your hoop shot, a batting cage, and a jumping castle. And picnic food, of course! My neighborhood grade school hosted a play day for kids with all of those fun things. Looks like the sky goes on forever....

16 May 2015

French Tucson ~

Tucson has a vibrant Francophone and Francophile community and they can gather each month to enjoy a French film hosted by the Alliance Francaise Tucson. The Alliance is a nonprofit organization that teaches classes, conducts conversation sessions/practice, and hosts special events to promote French culture in Tucson. The films run the gamut from comedy to drama and there is always a session afterward where attendees can talk about the film (in French and in English). 

15 May 2015

The Big Apple Comes to Tucson ~

So imagine my surprise when a Giant Apple appeared beside me at a red light! It is so big that it has a door in the back (2nd photo)! I guess it's a kissing cousin to that Giant Lemon I have posted here - the fun lemonade stand that goes to fairs. This one - dunno. The sign says that it is for rent. Now why would you want to rent a Giant Apple?

13 May 2015

Steampunk Jelly Squid ~

Tucson has no beaches but we do have jelly squid! This fantastic sculpture is a student creation on display at Pima Community College's west campus. The work is a solar lamp and is is titled, "Jelly Squid Steampunk" by Sarah Breese.

12 May 2015

Twins! Again!

Well mama Dove loves my flower pot! She came back again to the same flower pot to make her spring nest and VOILA - she has twins again. It is just so amazing to watch the changing of the guard when mama stretches her wings for a little while and dad takes over to sit with the chicks. Today I got to watch her feeding this sweet little pair. They are learning to flap their wings - adorable!

11 May 2015

10 May 2015

09 May 2015

Tucson's Time Market - a treasure!

Everyone downtown knows Time Market! It is a combination of grocery store, espresso bar, pizza joint, and general hangout - a downtown icon. 

08 May 2015

Skull face lift ~

This amazing skull is a regular feature in Tucson's Day of the Dead parade that is held in November. At the moment it is being refreshed for its next tour of duty. Fun!

07 May 2015

Tucson Throwback Thursday ~ May 7, 2010

Five years ago I featured this wonderful retro neon sign that had been erected on the old "Miracle Mile" - an area of motels (all with great neon signs) that had their heyday in the 50's and 60's. Here's the original post:

Yesterday you saw one side of this great neon sign; here's the flip side. Dirk Arnold, the artist, really captures the flavor of the heyday of the neon sign as a tourist attraction. This big cactus is a fun beacon on Oracle Road at Drachman (where the roundabout was).

06 May 2015

05 May 2015

Taste bud alert ~ dynamic duo

Hurray! No more puzzling over "Where is this?" Shown here are sisters Sigret and Keanne Thompson, the brains, energy, and talent behind their restaurant, The Tasteful Kitchen. The charming restaurant is in a 1930's era home at 722 N Stone Avenue (near University). They describe the restaurant as "modern vegetarian cuisine" and they also offer cooking classes! Do check them out. As the place is small, reservations are recommended. Bon appetit! 

04 May 2015

More photos for "Where is this?"

Here are two more photos to help you figure out "Where is this?" restaurant. The top photo is the view as soon as you enter. The dining room with celebrity portraits (photo from previous 2 days) is off to the right. The bottom photo is one of our entrees - an eggplant and polenta tower. SO - any more guesses? Tomorrow I will reveal all if no one knows. Good luck! 

03 May 2015

More clues to figure out "Where is this?" ~

The last few "Where is this?" postings have not produced any winners so I am trying once again to award a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt to the first person who identifies this location! These acid-etched celebrity portraits grace the bigger dining room of this wonderful restaurant. Good luck!

OK - so you can read the guesses and my comments. I've provided some geographic clues to where this restaurant is located. And I will also say that the restaurant is small and owned locally. Good luck!

01 May 2015

Street art traffic jam ~

At the corner of Campbell and Skyline there is a corner plaza area that always features bold pieces of sculpture. This delightful swirled sunshine sculpture is just gorgeous against Tucson's blue blue sky. Unfortunately, as you can see, it is positioned right beside the intersection's traffic lights that are painted exactly the same color!