24 May 2015

Day #3 of "Where is this?"

Two good guesses so far but neither one is correct. Here's "Harry" - he stands guard near the main building entrance. This sculpture is just about life size. Want to give it a whirl and post a guess? Good luck!


  1. ah, yes the burro was the clue that gave it away for me. I remember the greeting I received when I went with an old family member. It's good to have a place like this in Tucson.


  2. Wordsmith, EditorMay 24, 2015 at 9:25 AM

    You sweetie, you! You didn't give it away! Yes, I will identify it tomorrow with more photos if no one guesses it today. Have a great holiday! Dianne

  3. I see the burro and now I know I have NO idea where this photo was taken. It will be interesting to find out where.....