30 November 2010

Winter watering hole ~

In my neighborhood Rudolph and a friend take a sip from a cool blue pool. I thought this simple light display was charming.

29 November 2010

'Tis the season for ~ chili ristras & wreaths

As the sixth in the series of "Team Tucson" I am pleased to shine a spotlight on another individual who works hard to make this a great place to live. Meet Mina, the entrepreneur who sells her hand strung chili ristras and wreaths (both round and heart-shaped) at the corner of Speedway & Houghton (in the Circle K parking lot). Her very reasonable prices start at $15.

Mina's chili stand features Hatch chilis - widely regarded as the very best. Chili ristras are a beautiful way to decorate your home and a lovely gift for your holiday hostess. They can be enjoyed hung inside or out.

28 November 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.... spring?

As "Jingle Bells" played on the Ace Hardware loudspeaker, I noticed this stack of colorful Adirondack chairs in a rainbow of colors. Of course, we CAN sit on our patios all year round. Isn't that one reason why we live here? (:

27 November 2010

And the holiday mailing season begins ~

I thought the day after Thanksgiving was when everyone descended on the malls and big box stores to grab deals. But at my post office there was already a line out the door with people and their packages. They shopped early!

25 November 2010

A Thanksgiving wish for all of you ~

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and thanks for stopping by today. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday - filled with feasting on turkey or ham or tofu (or even sugary liquid served in blue cotton if that's your preference!). This beautiful butterfly is part of the "Butterfly Magic" exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. I am giving thanks for many things today and one of them is the loyal followers of the site. I appreciate your comments, suggestions, and photo submissions! Thank you, thank you.

24 November 2010

Tucson's magical butterfly garden ~

When the Tucson Botanical Gardens says it has a "Butterfly Magic" exhibit, you just have no idea how truly magical it is! You step into a tropical greenhouse and butterflies flutter by all around you. And they land on you!

23 November 2010

Tucson's own Cousin Itt ~

Here's another of the great scarecrows on display now at the Tucson Botanical Gardens ~ Cousin Itt (yes, two t's), the furriest member of the Addams family. I am also including a peek into his "Trick or Treat" bucket to see what he likes - mmmm, looks like dried worms and bugs (OK, OK, seed pods)! Scarecrows are on display through Nov 30.

22 November 2010

Tucson's Mighty Bee ~

If you have been following this site, you may remember last year's series of "Scarecrows in the Garden" that was at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Here is one of this year's "crop" of scarecrows ~ Aunt Bee as designed by Sheila Zeuch. The exhibit is up until Nov 30.

May I suggest Tucson's Grapefruit moon?

Technically, this moon is a "Blue Moon" (read a fascinating explanation on the link below). And you've heard of "Harvest Moon." Well tonight's moon prompts me to suggest "Grapefruit Moon." This is a view of the full moon framed by my grapefruit tree.

21 November 2010

El Tour ~ Personal Triumph

Getting ready for yesterday's El Tour de Tucson, here is my friend Mark just minutes before the race started. This was his 2nd El Tour and he trimmed a whopping 1.5 hours from his time last year! WOW! In spite of some stretches with 30 mph gusting winds he averaged 15.88 for the 109 miles. He said in an email to me, "This was the greatest athletic achievement of my life." Fantastic! Congratulations. Now go eat something!

20 November 2010

Fabulous El Tour de Tucson ~ 28th year!

This is a good message for today - Watch for Bikes! Yes, it's the 28th El Tour de Tucson so expect detours and delays to accommodate the route of this race as you drive around the region today. My friend Mark has been training very hard and is riding in his 2nd El Tour - Ride like the wind, Mark!

19 November 2010

A different view of the Mission ~

Yesterday's photo is one of the "classic" views of Mission San Xavier. Here is an interesting peek through a beautiful wrought iron gate at one of the side buildings.
Photo courtesy of Damen Kompanowski.

18 November 2010

White Dove of the desert, indeed ~

The beautiful Mission San Xavier (White Dove of the Desert as it is locally known) is a popular site all year round ~ particularly now with snowbirds coming into town and the holidays approaching. I was delighted to be offered this gorgeous photo that displays the church against the blue, blue sky.
Photo courtesy of Damen Kompanowski.

17 November 2010

Step up to an ancient world ~

The fascinating Primitive Arts Gallery specializes in pre-Columbian art and presents some other cultures as well. It is tucked upstairs at the wonderful Broadway Village shopping center (Broadway at Country Club) where I noticed that the site formerly known as Elle will soon be a new restaurant - Sushi Garden.

16 November 2010

Tucson's Historic Barrio ~ beauty

Check out this beautiful arbor ~ what a lovely entrance to this home in Tucson's barrio. Love that pierced tin lamp!

15 November 2010

Holiday decorating ~ start small

The Home Depot folks know that even though retailers have been selling Christmas decorations for weeks already, people will still wait to purchase their tree. Unless, of course, it's a small "house tree" size... Here you go - aromatic spruce or rosemary bushes that will fit on your sidetable.

14 November 2010

Liberace penguins ~ birds with bling!

The garden/nursery area of Home Depot is filling up with inflatable holiday characters. These trio of Santa & his penguins look like they are wearing rhinestone & sequined jackets & caps! Festive!

13 November 2010

Big crane, big progress ~

A huge statement of the renewal of downtown Tucson is the growing number of businesses that are establishing their headquarters there. The new Unisource Energy/TEP building will be across the street from the national headquarters of Providence Corp. This interesting mix of streetlamp, trees, and construction crane is on Scott, looking north.

12 November 2010

Travel back in time ~ car coincidence?

There was no car show going on anywhere near this spot but three vintage cars wound up parked all in a row. The only clues that this is 2010 are the sunshades and the fat tires on that white & blue beauty at the front of the line.

11 November 2010

Tucson's Historic Hotel Glenwood

This beautiful building is on Scott just across from the Temple of Music & Art. I don't think this is actually a working hotel. A quick internet search shows that it was sold to the Arizona Theatre Company. I'm going to try and learn more about this building and it's use - office space? rehearsal space? accommodations for traveling troupes? If anyone knows more, please post.

10 November 2010

MORE All Souls Procession images ~ wow!

I was lucky enough to get another batch of incredible images from Sunday's parade. As you can see, plenty of elaborate costumes and floats and other contraptions filled the streets but there were also many people who participated quietly - without fanfare - to honor their loved ones. Please scroll down and check out yesterday's posting also for more images.
Photos courtesy of Mark Wight.

09 November 2010

Tucson's Fantastic Day of the Dead Parade

Each year Tucson hosts a fun, creative, and amazing event - the All Souls Procession. People gather to honor departed loved ones and to revel in extraordinary costumes. The procession extends for miles and culminates in a spectacular finale with fire & flames. This year's event was Sunday, Nov 7.
Photos courtesy of Chance Agrella.

08 November 2010

Providence Corp mural - revisited

Recently I posted the construction mural on Broadway near Scott, "Create to Inspire." Here is the newest iteration of that mural - hip love birds wearing sunglasses (one is wielding a blue marker) and an urban landscape with the sentiment, "Home Sweet."

07 November 2010

Checkers, anyone?

I love this checkerboard sidewalk that is painted to match the buildings! This fun walkway is across from the Temple of Music & Art on Scott.

06 November 2010

Meet Rudolph's Cousin ~ Maynard

If I had told you that you could buy a toy gun shaped like a moose that ejected orange foam balls from its nose, would you have believed me? Well here it is - and he's dressed in a camoflage shirt. Moose Popper.

05 November 2010

Astonishing realism ~ wild kingdom

I have seen many displays of stuffed animals but never have I seen a tableau like this one. Just as you enter the store and look up you see - leaping out of a wall and seemingly suspended in midair - a mountain lion clawing a deer.

04 November 2010

Dances with Wolves; Sleeps with Elk ~

Is it just me or does this elk look like he's eyeing the plaid flannel sleeping bag? Sure would beat sleeping on the cold ground and probably pretty good camoflage, too. No hunter would think to look there....

03 November 2010

Hike without leaving the store ~

What a concept! You can try out a new pair of hiking boots on an in-store rocky ramp to make sure you'll be happy with the grip when you're out there in the real world. From the sign it looks like this area also serves as a kids play area while mom & dad are shopping in this mega sports store. (:

02 November 2010

Architectural eyecatcher -

I wonder if this Chase branch on Broadway & Country Club was actually designed as a bank. Shown here is the southern wing of the building - so interesting with its pierced design and its interior garden space. I love that the palm trees peep out of the top! Anyone know the history of this curvy white building?

01 November 2010

You can make a difference ~

When I was growing up I remember that Christmas shopping kicked in the day after Thanksgiving. Six weeks seemed like plenty of time to get it all done. No more! I saw Christmas decorations on display in August - yikes!

So, at the risk of being labeled a Scrooge, I'm going to recommend following the advice on this great license plate and hope that we can all give back ~ even if it's just a little.