11 November 2010

Tucson's Historic Hotel Glenwood

This beautiful building is on Scott just across from the Temple of Music & Art. I don't think this is actually a working hotel. A quick internet search shows that it was sold to the Arizona Theatre Company. I'm going to try and learn more about this building and it's use - office space? rehearsal space? accommodations for traveling troupes? If anyone knows more, please post.


  1. Di....never heard of it...gorgeous!! Have you heard about the new eco-spa in Tubac? Sounds wonderful...we should go for a pampering day...they have springs, spa treatments, healing pools, yoga...sounds cool. Love, MB

  2. Glad to hear you are interested in the Glenwood Hotel. I am the Marketing & PR Manager for Arizona Theatre Company and we currently use the Glenwood for office space. We do rehearsals and performances across the way at the Temple of Music and Art. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on either property. jgrynkewich@arizonatheatre.org

  3. Di-I would actually like to live there...whadya think? A little small for our needs? Seriously...they should retro-fit it with loft space...aahhhh remember when SoHo wasn't "SoHo?" I loved the NYC loft spaces....I want to live in this building...

  4. My grandmother Bessie and her husband Grand Daddy Frank worked at the Glenwood Hotel in the 1930s. The hotel was owned by Dr. and Mrs. Purcell. I always look for it when I am in the downtown area.

  5. Marhendrickson@hotmail.comNovember 22, 2015 at 9:10 PM

    My parents owned the Glenwood Hotel in the middle 50's. I remember it very well and a lot of the guests. Such fun we had. Special parties on Christmas Eve.
    The lobby would be full on Friday night for the boxing match on TV.

    1. Do u have pictures of the inside of the hotel?