22 October 2017

Screaming Skull, Flying Bats ~

A screaming skull and flying bats are just the beginning of my Halloween decor! So far I have flying ghosts in the trees, cobwebs, spiders, and a creepy witch with flashing green eyes. On a sweeter note you can see my puppy Abby watching my decorating project from the window. Awwww...... 

21 October 2017

Morning's at Seven ~

Tucson is world famous for its spectacular sunsets but let me assure you that our sunrises are equally fabulous! Here is a sky greeting of the Tucson sky at 7 am. Wow!
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner. 

20 October 2017

Skeleton Diva ~

Lots and lots of ghouls and ghosts are appearing on porches, walls, and windows. I particularly like this grande dame who is lounging regally on a porch chair! 

19 October 2017

Throwback Thursday Pumpkin ~

19 OCTOBER 2009

Tucson's Barrio Pumpkin ~

For today I couldn't resist highlighting this pumpkin orange building in Tucson's Barrio district. It is the season, after all, for all things orange... This office building is at Convent & Simpson. Like many of the restored buildings in this area, this one houses a business ~ in this case, a law practice. Tucson's barrio district is also known as Barrio Historico or Barrio Libre.


I haven't been past this building in a while so I don't know if it is still NEON ORANGE, but I am certain it is still standing. (:

18 October 2017

Curvy Contrast ~

While walking downtown I was struck by the beauty and elegance of this historic building. I liked the contrast here of the curved white archways accented by the cylindrical green cactus. And yes, our sky IS that blue! (: 

17 October 2017

Grand Illumination ~

These dramatic lamps/lanterns are part of the elegant ambiance in St Philip's Plaza, a collection of offices, shops, and restaurants at Campbell and River. A lovely spot! 

16 October 2017

Ghosts of Christmas Past ~

When I first glanced at these reindeer I thought, "Whoa there. It's only October! Not Christmas decoration time YET!" but then I looked a little closer and by the rust on these little Rudolphs it is clear that these are year-round decor for this house! I guess these folks decorate once every decade or so....   (:

15 October 2017

Combo Super Hero ~

By the size of this lizard I would suggest naming him "The Hulk" but by his climbing abilities I would say he is more like "Spiderman." This heroic sculpture is a feature on one of my neighbor's walls. 

14 October 2017

Provence? No - downtown Tucson!

The next time you venture downtown, remember this place as a charming location for lunch or dinner. It is especially lovely for brunch! It is Cafe a la C'art, the cafe adjacent to the Tucson Museum of Art. You'll feel you are on vacation! 

13 October 2017


I don't suppose this counts as a Hole in One, does it?   (:
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

12 October 2017

12 OCTOBER 2009

Tucson's Back-Flipping Violinist

THEN: This mural is quite faded and I enhanced the color as much as I could for this photo image. This nice piece of building wall art depicts a swimmer (?) doing a back flip into the ocean(?). He holds his violin high as he flips. If you know anything about this mural (artist, vintage, title), please post a comment. I'd love to know more about this image at Broadway & Arizona.
NOW: So many murals that I have posted over the years have been painted over or the building itself has been torn down. I do not know if this mural is still visible. If you know anything, please post it! Thanks. 

11 October 2017

Patchwork Paint ~

My guess is this homeowner is fighting back on repeated graffiti attacks. And I also guess that he grabs whatever bucket of paint is handy! The overall effect is kind of interesting, don't you think? Certainly it's better than gang tags!

10 October 2017

Tucson's Painted Lady ~

Built in 1907 for Senator Owen Rouse, this stately mansion has been fully restored to its original glory. Located in the heart of downtown Tucson near the Temple of Music and Art and the Children's Museum, it is an architectural gem. And it's currently for sale! Check out the portfolio of photos here or call Susan Dodson, Tucson realtor extraordinaire, for more info!

09 October 2017

Suggest a caption!

This praying mantis is so curious! Any one of these photos invites a clever caption -- what is it seeing/thinking??
Photos courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

08 October 2017

Get your GLOW! on ~

This year's GLOW! event offered a Steampunk night as well as other specialty nights - all had glowing sculpture and amazing and bizarre art constructions illuminated with millions of twinkling lights. It is part art, part celebrating the full moon, and part adventure. To read more about GLOW!, click here.
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

07 October 2017

Cool Cocoon ~

If you are a regular visitor to this site you know that I love seeing public art all around Tucson. This steel structure, "Cocoon," is in residence on Houghton Road near Drexel (just south of the TMC Medical complex). To see a really fun time lapse video of its construction, click here

05 October 2017

Thin Skinned!

My neighbor Rich found this rattlesnake skin in his backyard this morning! Note that it is doubled over where he is holding it -- that's one big snake!  Rich was not happy and I don't blame him. And now we know that a very big rattlesnake is lurking nearby. If you want to see some very interesting photos that detail the shedding process, click here

04 October 2017

Tucson Trivia - Neon Girls Get Facelifts, too!

Tucson's "Diving Girl" is one of my favorite of the many vintage neon signs around town. This building is no longer a hotel and apartments; it is now a law office. The lawyers/building owners had to wait a long time to get permission to give Diving Girl a facelift but it is quite a sight! Here's an old news story about the restoration that shows the "Before" sign. Wow - what a difference! 

03 October 2017

Tile Style ~

The tile setters who decorated The Shanty building on 4th Avenue made a cool choice when confronted with a bulge in the building. They customized the pattern to make it harmonize with the other wall bits. I think if this had been done today, that protrusion would have just been painted instead of artistically tiled. 

02 October 2017

Another culinary choice...

So if yesterday's "Coconut Ash" ice cream wasn't your cup of tea (as it were), perhaps you will find something to your liking in this 4th Avenue store! Enjoy! 

01 October 2017

To each his own....

The day's featured ice cream flavor, "Coconut Ash," prompts me to say, "Bleahhhhh!" but perhaps it sounds like a delicious treat to some of you out there...  

29 September 2017

Have you eaten in this Room With a View?

Here is a Tucson restaurant with a wonderful downtown view. Look familiar? Guess where it is and win a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! (And Rosann - sit on your hands for a day before you spill the beans!)

DAY 2:  Wow - not a single guess as to where this is! You can see by the view that it is in downtown Tucson. OK - this is part of the private dining area that Maynard's offers for parties and other gatherings. 

28 September 2017

Throwback Thursday - Some Things Never Change!


Time-tested Shelter ~ Tucson Tepee

OK, here's today's image and it comes with a quiz. Anyone want to guess where this tepee is located?
NOW: This image was from 2009 when the site was just a few months old. This was before the official "Where is This?" contest was launched. The question remains the same... want to guess where this is??

27 September 2017

My Literary Neighborhood!

As I continue to explore my neighborhood I continue to spot wonderful things. Here is another "Little Free Library" that is designed to complement the area. Don't know about the "Little Free Library" movement? Click here and learn more! Start one in your own 'hood! 

26 September 2017

Spa..hhhhh ~

It's Tuesday - Tucson Trivia Time! Did you know that Tucson is a world-famous spa resort getaway destination? Tucson is home to Miraval and Canyon Ranch as well as home to many resorts that offer fantastic spa treatments. Relax! Enjoy! Visit Tucson!

25 September 2017

Two Rooms with a View ~

Currently the Arizona Theatre Company is offering Neil Simon's "Chapter Two" at the beautiful Temple of Music and Art. The stage set is clever in that it shows two apartments side by side which magnifies the humor in a long series of phone calls between George, the lead character, and Jennie, his love interest. David Mason knocks the ball out of the park with his portrayal of George, the widower novelist. The play was written as an homage to Marsha Mason, Simon's 2nd wife and inspiration for the Jennie character. Mason also directed this play.  

24 September 2017

Weird, lost opportunity!

So you may already know this but Tucson is noted as one of the best places to view hummingbirds. We have a huge variety of hummers in this region and their colors are utterly beautiful and jewel-like. With that said, if you were to put a wheel cover on your vehicle, why would you select a drab black and white hummer image????  Dunno!

23 September 2017

Urban Jungle ~

This row of old wooden barrels mixed with big ceramic pots and lots of plants makes a nice barrier in front of Maynard's downtown. 

22 September 2017

It's a Girl Thing...

Yes, I totally get it that a black patent leather high heel has been elevated to "high art" status! Kudos to Kingfisher restaurant for celebrating such a girly piece of art in the ladies room! 

21 September 2017


Tucson Treasure ~ the Botanical Gardens

Definitely an oasis, a respite, a sanctuary...the Tucson Botanical Gardens is located in a very dense part of town, but once you step through the doorway, you are miles away from stress. Here is one of the "Sensory Patios" where the design is meant to engage all five senses.

If it is even possible, the Gardens are more beautiful now than they were 8 years ago! And there are many new features and exhibits - including dog friendly nights! It is a magical place that will enchant you! 

Tucson Botanical Gardens 
2150 N Alvernon Way
(520) 326-9686
Get directions

20 September 2017

Trekking Tortoise ~

This handsome fellow found his way into my yard. He was BIG! What a beauty. He enjoyed some carrots, hibiscus flowers, and celery along with some water before his family came to claim him and take him home! He was so interesting looking -- so utterly ancient! 

19 September 2017

TWOSAHN Tuesday Trivia!

Sigh. Tucson is the 2nd most misspelled city in America! People spell it in all sorts of crazy ways. Here are just a few:  Toosan, Tuscan, Twoson, and my personal favorite (yikes!): TWOSAHN. The only city in America that tops Tucson for misspellings is Pittsburgh, PA.  And here is a Fun Fact: I have lived in both cities! 

18 September 2017

Happy Margarita Monday!

These happy pups really know how to kick off their week! For a great margarita recipe, click here. P.S. ....not really an official contest but does anyone want to guess where I spotted this mural? 

16 September 2017

Contest time again! Oh boy!

You know the rules by now.... first one to correctly identify this location wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Anyone want to guess where this heroic lighted fish lives? Good luck! 

15 September 2017

One WILD ride!

When you are a bicyclist and you see a rattlesnake in the road, you definitely let it go on its way before you proceed. But then if it just sits there, you throw a rock (or two, or three) at it to get it to move along. Then, you might see the rattlesnake show real displeasure at having rocks hurled at it by curling up and letting you know to back off and just WAIT.

Photos courtesy of Ken Wilcox.