27 November 2017

Need something yummy to take to a holiday party? THIS IS IT!

WHO KNEW that cheesecake could be an amazing dinner party APPETIZER? That's right - this isn't a dessert cheesecake - it is SPICY and yummy. And it's easy to make! This just might be your standard thing to bring to every party this season. Read on for the recipe...

Southwest Cheesecake Appetizer

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. 

1 C finely crushed tortilla chips (I like to use blue corn or spicy ones)
3T melted butter

Mix chips and butter together and pat firmly into bottom of 9" springform pan.

16 oz cream cheese
2 eggs
8 oz shredded cheese (Monterey Jack and Sharp Cheddar are a good combo)
1 pkg taco seasoning 
1 4 oz can of green chilies, drained

Beat cream cheese and eggs in mixer until well blended. Add cheese and chilies and mix well. Pour VERY SLOWLY over crust. Pouring slowly helps to minimize the air bubbles that will cause your cheesecake to crack while baking. 

Bake 30 minutes or until center is almost set.

Let cool. Run a knife or spatula around the cake before you pop the rim off. 

Refrigerate cake 4 hours or overnight. Top with 1 cup sour cream and whatever toppings you choose to decorate. You can use diced green, red, or yellow peppers, diced chilies, sliced black olives, or even put salsa or guacamole over the sour cream topping.

Serve this with crackers or tortilla chips. It is scooped (not sliced like a dessert cheesecake) onto a plate.

Let me know how you like this and what your guests say! Bon appetit!

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