28 September 2018

All in a Day's Work ~

Here is another scene from the Tucson Botanical Gardens' railway town, Thorneville. Departing the church on the left is a happy couple who just celebrated their nuptials. The minister can now walk next door and conduct a funeral for whomever is in that hearse!
Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox. 

27 September 2018

Open Range Longhorn ~


An Arizona Longhorn Cadillac ~

Check out this great white vintage Cadillac! There's so much to love...how about that front grill, that longhorn hood ornament, the rifles mounted on both sides of the hood, the revolver door handles, the whitewalls. And, of course, those tail lights... wow!
If this Longhorn is still roaming around town, it's nine years older and just as cool! 

26 September 2018

Village in the Garden ~

Did you know that the Tucson Botanical Gardens has a village complete with railroad station? This charming feature, "Thorneville Garden Railway," was the brainchild of Thorne Pierce and Gary Martin and was dedicated in 2008.  Fun!
Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox. 

25 September 2018

Tucson & the Cold War ~

A fascinating piece of American history is located just outside of Tucson and offers a very interesting tour! The Title Missile Museum is a former Titan II Missile Site.

This National Historic Landmark was at one time a top secret military installation.  When the site was operational, it was one of 54 Titan II Missile sites which remained on alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to protect the US against a nuclear attack.  

24 September 2018

Tucson's Most Loved Muralist ~

There is just no calculating how much joy and goodwill Joe Pagac has created all over Tucson with his amazing, fun, imaginative murals! This one is outside the Roadhouse Cinema and with its depiction of old black and white Westerns it connects the viewer to the fact that Tucson was once a serious movie making location. Old Tucson Studios served as the set for many many famous movies and TV series.  

23 September 2018

Greetings from Tucson!

This wonderful "Tucson Postcard" mural is in Swan Way Park (4800 E 1st Street). This project had local artists Allison Miller leading a community paint day in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters. The mural was completed in August, 2012.
Photo courtesy of Dave Aber.


22 September 2018

Family Outing ~

This family of javelina was spotted near the Community Center in my neighborhood. Just another evening picnic event for our peccary friends!
Photo courtesy of Victoria Ladin.

21 September 2018

Reminds me of car trips ~

This was a popular game when we were on a long car trip. We had categories of things that we could "spot" as we traveled.... convertibles, license plates from other states, blue trucks....you name it. It did keep us busy and engaged with the world around us! 

20 September 2018

YES, a bee hive but more of a holding cell!

Yesterday's guesses about the Big Green Box at the Tucson Botanical Gardens were correct - YES, the box serves as a hive, of sorts. But its real purpose is to "trap" the bees and relocate them to a friendly environment at Sun Apiaries, a honey bee farm. 

18 September 2018

Lifesize Last Supper ~

Over the many years that I have been posting Tucson photos I have come back to this "Garden of Gethsemane" many times. Sometimes the scultpures of Jesus and the apostles are smashed and in disrepair; sometimes they look fantastic. This image is about as good as it gets! Whomever did the recent restoration did an awesome job. Want to know more about this oddity? Click here.

17 September 2018

Dine in a Garden!

When you next visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens try to schedule your visit to include a meal at the charming Cafe Botanica. The menu, the service, and the ambiance will provide you with a wonderful experience!

15 September 2018

Tucson Rocks! We're #1! YAY!

Tucson has just been voted #1 as the most DOG FRIENDLY CITY in the United States! YAY! Read all about it here. Woof!

14 September 2018

Feeling a little peckish, are we?

This magnificent life-size vulture keeps an eye on things at Tucson's Tohono Chul Park. Created with recycled materials, it is the world of Kenyan sculptor, Kioko Mwitiki. I think it's particularly fun that the Park has strung fairy lights on this carnivore! (:
Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

13 September 2018

Throwback Thursday ~ Our sunsets!


Sunset at Picture Rocks

What a classic Western image ~ sunset at the corral. This unusual striped sky sunset photo was taken from a friend's property in the beautiful Picture Rocks area north and west of Tucson. 
Photo courtesy of Cindy Klein.
Picture RocksArizona maps.google.com
This sky-with-striped-light photo kind of reminds me of the Arizona flag!

12 September 2018

More Trompe L'Oeil! Fun!

One of the many things I love about Tucson is the amount of public art that adds a note of fun to the landscape. Here is a wonderful mural that decorates Dale's Doors on S Kino Parkway. The figure in the doorway is NOT a ghost - it's Shana, the daughter of the store's owner, Leslie Bray. The artwork was done by "Murals by Jos." 

11 September 2018

Most Frequently Robbed Bank in the World ~

The (fictional) Pima County Bank is robbed constantly! It is part of the "Old West" movie set compound known as Old Tucson Studios. Originally built as a set for the movie "Arizona," the complex has served as the setting for more Western movies and TV shows than you can count. Here is the link to tell you so much more about its rich film history. 

10 September 2018

Tucson Treasure ~

Ahhhhh, Agua Caliente Park! This beautiful public park is on Tucson's far east side and serves as a wonderful, cool, green refuge. Haven't been there? Learn more here.
Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

09 September 2018

Old Fashioned Greetings!

When I was a kid I was thrilled to receive a postcard from a faraway place! In fact, I still have every postcard that I have ever received - from the Jersey shore to Lithuania! What a fun custom that was to share your vacation scenery with someone back home.

08 September 2018

07 September 2018

06 September 2018

8 Years Later ~ Still Searching for the Answer!


Rolling Burrito Head ~

When I passed a warehouse parking lot and spotted Mr. Sombrero, naturally I had to stop! I guess he is a mobile taco stand. And it looks like his eyeballs open to be the service windows - does that seem right?? IF anyone knows where he is usually parked, let me know!
NOW: Here it is, eight years later and I still don't know anything more about this interesting fast food truck. I never saw him again. Well, he will live on as a Random Weird Thing, for sure! 

05 September 2018

Close but a World Away ~

Not too far south of Tucson is part of Arizona that is quite beautiful and is a combination of ranch land and vineyards. Yes! Arizona has a thriving wine industry and you can take yourself on a pretty great wine tasting tour through Sonoita and Elgin. This sign post affirms that you are driving in The West! 

04 September 2018

Tucson was Home to Literary Giant ~

Time for another piece of Tucson Trivia! The literary icon and social commentator, Susan Sontag, lived in Tucson briefly when she was a young girl. Here's the info on her I read in Wiki: click here

03 September 2018

So much local talent!

One of my neighbors posted this sunset photo on the "NextDoor" network. This is a beautiful Tucson sunset (aren't they ALL beautiful?). I particularly love the sharp contrasts in colors from gold to purple. She is a local photographer.
Photo courtesy of Kelli Robertson.

02 September 2018

This striking photograph captures the immense power and beauty of Tucson's monsoons. Just a breathtaking image, don't you agree?
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

01 September 2018

Lifesize Horse Created with Scrap Metal!

One of the featured pieces in Tohono Chul Park's permanent art collection is this strikingly handsome lifesize metal horse. The piece was created by world famous Kenyan sculptor, Kioko Mwitiki. Mr. Mwitiki is a sculptor, wildlife activist, mentor, and teacher.