30 September 2013

Ah....siesta ~

Here is another resident of the Tucson Wildlife Center - a bobcat named Wilbur (in honor of the U of A's mascot). Wilbur was rescued from a construction site where he was badly injured by machinery. He suffers from a variety of maladies and could not manage in the wild so lucky Wilbur will live out his life keeping an eye on happenings at the Center. The Center's new hospital is due to be completed in January - it's a beautiful facility!

29 September 2013

Flat Bat No More ~

I hope you're enjoying the tour of the Tucson Wildlife Center! You've seen a "red" rescue and now you'll see an on-the-spot bat intervention. While I was there a flattened bat was brought in for rehydration. Here the tiny critter gets a few sips of nutrient-rich liquid. He perked up immediately and looked ready for flight very shortly after having a special sip from this syringe. Amazing! (I'd like to have that recipe myself!)

28 September 2013

Welcome to the family ~

Yesterday I showed you the tiny 'red' that is being nurtured at the amazing Tucson Wildlife Center. When he gets a little bigger he'll be introduced to the center's resident javelina herd (here are two of the herd). They will foster him until he can be placed with a wild family.

27 September 2013

Cuter than cute ~ (2 photos)

Here for your enjoyment is a "red" (a baby javelina) that has been rescued and is currently living at the amazing Tucson Wildlife Center. This precious little fellow is being nurtured and will join a foster javelina family on site until he can be released into the wild. Check out this next picture for scale to see how tiny he is.... look at those little hooves!!

The Tucson Wildlife Center folks are truly unsung heroes to the region's animals. They are a nonprofit funded by generous private donors (no government money). If you love animals, check out their website and consider making a donation (any size is welcome!) and help them to build their new hospital. Thanks!

26 September 2013

Tucson's Ultimate Dawg House (3 photos) ~

As soon as you see their "Dog Door" you know this is a special place for your canine companion! Check out the "Woof" welcome mat! The owners LOVE their canine clients and the feeling seems to be mutual - lots of running, barking, and happy play goes on here. And if you'd like to have a sneak peek at what goes on there, you can see the happy dogs of the day on their "Dawgie Cam." Click this link during the day to watch the fun. You will be entertained - maybe even mesmerized!! Woof.

25 September 2013

World's Largest Hummingbird (2 photos) ~

Hummingbirds are beautiful, tiny jewels in flight, right? Not on this building for sale on Speedway Blvd! The fantastic mural makes this one of Tucson's most beautiful vacant buildings for sure. Sun, Earth, and Mothra-sized hummingbird - wow!

24 September 2013

Goodbye monsoon, hello autumn!

Well my prediction is that we have seen the last of the big rain (meaning - with thunder and lightning) for this year. The stark contrast between ominous rain clouds and cheerful blue sky continues to amaze me. This morning it was actually cool and crisp! Hello cooler Fall temperatures!

23 September 2013

Smart kind of sun roof ~

The Tucson Airport has installed solar panels to create covered parking - energy smart and practical!

Photo courtesy of Nathan Bunker.

22 September 2013

Hey guys! This message is for you! ~

Guys - 'nuf said, OK? So before you plan your next date night with your wife/girlfriend, make sure the fast food wrappers and all other food-related junk is cleaned up!! (:

21 September 2013

Last but not least ~

Shown here is the last of the current series of restored neon signs that grace Drachman near Stone. Thanks to Kathy, one of the site's avid followers, I can share this link which will provide you with the history of neon sign restoration in Tucson. Click here for the full info. Enjoy these photos of Tucson's history! 

20 September 2013

And now... the flip side ~

I thought it was really interesting that the flip side of yesterday's neon side is... this! Different color, different motor lodge name. Anyone have thoughts on this? 

18 September 2013

Big Neon Welcome ~

If you've been visiting the site this week here is the third in a series of iconic neon signs that have been saved, restored, and displayed for our collective enjoyment. The signs are displayed along Drachman near Stone (the north side of PCC's downtown campus parking lot).

Driving down Tucson's (neon) memory lane ~

Yesterday I posted the iconic "Magic Carpet" sign and here is another beautifully restored piece of Tucson's neon history ~ the Tropicana Motor Hotel. This "forest" of signs on Pima Community College's downtown campus is really fun! So cheerful and so.... nostalgic!

17 September 2013

Tucson has a Magic Glow ~

Motorists along Drachman may think they have traveled back in time. A great effort was made to restore many of Tucson's glorious neon signs and now they have a real home again - along the north parking lot of Pima Community College's downtown campus. Here is the beloved Magic Carpet Golf sign restored to its original beauty by Addis Signs (the company that created it in the 1960's). EVERYONE has a story about playing miniature golf at Magic Golf! The sign brings back great memories. 

16 September 2013

Good Monday morning ~

Here is a photo of our beautiful, spectacular sunny/rainy skies. Enjoy & Happy Monday!

15 September 2013

Carmen Miranda Cactus ~

Is it just me or does something about the pose of this saguaro look like an homage to Carmen Miranda? Crazy stuff!

14 September 2013

Snail mail ~

Prompted by Elizabeth's comment a few days ago on the cow mailbox I went back to double check this one and yes, here it is.... the perfect mailbox for snail mail! How fun is THIS??

13 September 2013

Solo Chess Piece ~

This lone horse is a mystery. Like a noble guardian, this handsome sculpture sits at the entry to an abandoned parking lot of a business that is long gone. A knight without a rider, indeed!

12 September 2013

Part Art, Part Gallery, Part Studio ~

This creative space at Stone & Speedway mixes it up - art-y facade, art gallery, and art studio, too - the Stone Dragon Studio is on the premises here.

11 September 2013

9/11 and the Snarling Captain America ~

Tucson artist Bruce Butler created this sculpture of Captain America after the 9/11 attacks. He donated the piece to Pima Community College's downtown campus. To read an interview with him about the creation of this piece, click here.

10 September 2013

Another piece of Tucson history ~

Here is a second home in the Indian House Historic District. This one looks quite new in the back and perhaps it recycled stone from the original house to make the entry. Charming and rustic!

09 September 2013

Indian House Historic District ~

Just a stone's throw away from busy Broadway and the Park Place mall is the Indian House Historic District. It's a small neighborhood that still has unpaved roads and a true "lost in time" feeling. The neighborhood is a hidden piece of  Tucson's desert past. Just a small handful of houses were built here in the 1930's. This one looks like part of it is much much older. Pianist Van Cliburn was once a resident in this historic district. 

08 September 2013

06 September 2013

Kachina Guard ~

Arizona is home to the Hopi Indian tribe whose traditions are handed down through kachina dolls. The dolls are both decorative and educational. They are also highly prized collectors items! This magnificent kachina figure serves as a mailbox guard. Does anyone collect these dolls and/or can identify this figure?

05 September 2013

Shark fins or Sails?

A home decor business on Swan Rd uses these three sculpture pieces as part of their signage - fun!

04 September 2013

Rainy blue sky ~

Here is a great example of how weird our monsoon storms are in Tucson. Notice the beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds co-mingled with rain clouds. Unless you live here it's hard to understand how it can rain on one side of the block and not the other....

03 September 2013

Wonder where summer went?

Summer sure flew by fast. The temperature doesn't say "fall" yet in Tucson but the kids are back in school and Labor Day is behind us. Summer is definitely over -- whoossh! Can't wait for it to be a little bit cooler!

02 September 2013

Private garden ~

Looking through one of the gates at St Philip's Plaza I admired these sunflowers still in bloom. Doesn't this have the feeling of a London street?

01 September 2013

Flowers underfoot ~ and cacti, birds, and mountains, too

Here's a bit more beauty at St Philip's Plaza - lovely tile risers. From the bottom up you can see cacti, flowers, mountain ranges, and birds. Puts a spring in your step, doesn't it?