29 September 2013

Flat Bat No More ~

I hope you're enjoying the tour of the Tucson Wildlife Center! You've seen a "red" rescue and now you'll see an on-the-spot bat intervention. While I was there a flattened bat was brought in for rehydration. Here the tiny critter gets a few sips of nutrient-rich liquid. He perked up immediately and looked ready for flight very shortly after having a special sip from this syringe. Amazing! (I'd like to have that recipe myself!)

1 comment:

  1. Ha! yes you and I both would like to have a drop of something that would give us a boost of energy! This is an amazing tour of such an important organization...it's one thing to rescue a cat or dog, but quite another to be skilled with an injured hawk or a little "red" (didn't know that was their call sign, I learned something new!) or a thirsty fruit bat (he was NOT thirsty for blood!). Thanks again for promoting the Center and the dedicated folks who staff it.