29 November 2020

Santa's Letter Box!

Christmas is just around the corner! My neighbors set up a special bright red mailbox marked "Letters to Santa" so that our neighborhood kids don't even have to go to the post office. Sweet! A little fake snow, a snow globe, elves and VOILA - the festive mood is set! On Dasher, on Dancer.....(can you name them all?).

26 November 2020

Here's another type of file for the video

 In case the google link didn't work for you, try this.

Please share this with everyone on your lists!

This very short video clip is so powerful and inspiring. It puts our COVID world into perspective. If you are a soft touch like me, it might bring tears to your eyes. Please share this widely. Happy THANKSgiving! 


24 November 2020

Lovely Lemon Lift!

Like a breath of spring - a beautiful and lush lemon tree in full bloom. Aren't we lucky in Tucson to have citrus trees in our own back yards? 

13 November 2020

Artful Message to Stay Safe

I laughed when I saw this COVID-masked sculpture in the art book section of Bookman's on Speedway. The message is clear - stay safe and protect others! 

08 November 2020

Flying Donuts - Sweet Relief!

With all of the tension from the recent election I suggest that everyone take a nice, sweet break and have a donut! Isn't the mural on this donut shop fun? Yum! What is your favorite flavor? 

01 November 2020

Doggie Door?

 Pretty grand front door, isn't it? And that bottom opening -- doggie door? Package delivery?