26 August 2020

We want rain! Truly amazing video - check it out!


The excessive heat warnings are getting old. Let's have some RAIN, please! Perhaps we need to do a rain dance for the storms to come. You can help! Just open this video and BE AMAZED! 

24 August 2020

Bobcat Siesta

 A neighbor posted this photo of "Bobcats Sleeping on Porch" photo on the NextDoor network. WOW! Imagine opening your front door and find this family there! 

Photo courtesy of LM Grace. 

21 August 2020

Tucson's Fiery Sunset

Tucson has been having a heatwave. Our temps are regularly in the 105-108 degree range and I, for one, am sick of it. Where oh where are the monsoons?? Even our sunsets look like they are on fire!

18 August 2020

It's official - we're sick of it!

OK - for weeks on end we have had UNRELENTING heat. This is supposed to be our monsoon season! We're starting to call it "Non-soon Season!"  

03 August 2020

Need something beautiful and amazing? Here you go!

Check out the blooms on this cactus! Beauty for just one day but WOW - what a sight!

Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox.