31 January 2018

Just sayin'....

Hello all you hale and hearty people who live way east and way north of sunny Tucson, AZ! We are enjoying nice temperatures now in the 70's and 80's. I moved here to escape from New York City's ice and snow and SO CAN YOU!  (:

30 January 2018

It's Tuesday! Tucson Trivia about.....MOVIES!

I am sure that you know the song.... "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye...oh what a beautiful morning!" Well did you know that Oklahoma! was filmed in Arizona? Yep. Parts were filmed in California, too, but nothing was shot in the Panhandle State. 

29 January 2018

Pondering the meaning of this bumper sticker spoof....

OK, I bet that everyone has seen the "Coexist" bumper sticker by now - the one that promotes peaceful coexistence among different religious groups. But what is the story with the spoof sticker (top image)? A link of sausage, guns, a cigarette, and is that the Safeway grocery store logo???  All comments and explanations are welcome! 

27 January 2018

Old World Charm ~

Cushing Street Restaurant is definitely has an Old World vibe with its massive wooden bar and collection of photos and curios. These days they are only open 4 days a week and reservations are suggested (especially if something is going on at the TCC across the street). There are a number of private dining rooms and also a great patio. Jazz on Fridays! 

26 January 2018

He's not the only one!

I have lived in Tucson for more than twenty years now and I can assure you that this guy is not the only one who has earned this license plate moniker! 

25 January 2018

Some things never change ~ Flowers for Fresno, Scorpion for Seattle...

25 JANUARY 2010

Cactus for Cleveland, Bobcat for Boise ~

The group of vendors who sell their wire & metal art in this gas station's parking lot tell me that most of their sales are to winter visitors who want to bring a bit of Arizona back with them. I suppose nothing suprises airport security - including a 4' long metal cut out of a bobcat.
Nothing has changed! Same metal art, same truck, different tourists.  (:

24 January 2018

Yep...Words I live by!

HA! Not only do I have a black and white Border Collie, but I also have a blue merle Australian shepherd so there is NOTHING I can wear without the dog hair showing up on it! That is why lint brushes were invented, right?  (:

23 January 2018

Tuesday Tucson Trivia Time!

Did you know that Tucson has not just ONE but TWO lumberjacks? The one most people know is the Coronado Heights mascot on Glenn and Stone. But there is also one further west whose name is Big Ed. He is the mascot for Cummings Plumbing. Fun! 

22 January 2018

Tucson's Flying Fish ~

Guests at Tucson's lovely Hacienda del Sol Resort can enjoy this sparkling school of fish at poolside. The gorgeous view (yes, our sky really is that blue!) is north. Another resort - La Paloma - is visible in the distance. That is also La Paloma's golf course that puts some green in the landscape. 

21 January 2018

The Best of the Southwest ~ Tucson Resort

Not a single guess yesterday about where this is so I'll reveal the location now. I am posting photos from the beautiful Hacienda del Sol resort which is high in the Foothills. Such charm! A beautiful resort in Tucson. 

20 January 2018

This is an EASY "Where is this?"

Here is a sign displayed at a Tucson location. Can you guess where this is? If so, you could be the winner of a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Good luck! For you past winners, please sit on your hands for a day and let someone else have the glory!  (:

19 January 2018

Big Green Cactus - from Down Under!

Recently I was in Perth, Australia and this neon green piece of public art caught my eye. It's an homage to our stately Arizona saguaro cactus for sure! Titled "Situate" this piece was created by sculptor James Angus as a playful piece to tie together the old and new elements of Perth's downtown area (called Forrest Place). The piece seems to shape shift depending on the position of sun and shadows. It is huge and gorgeous and fun! And come on now.... doesn't it look like a stand of saguaros?  

18 January 2018

18 JANUARY 2013

Cotton candy?

Wow - these trees on Speedway are very well wrapped to protect them from our freezing temperatures. They look like big cones of sugary cotton candy! I am pretty tired of this cold and hope this snap ends soon.
A few weeks ago we had a couple of nights with freezing temperatures but nothing like that cold snap we had 5 years ago. And it seems to me that these trees eventually died as a result of that freeze. I will drive by and confirm. 

17 January 2018

Dogs and Dirt - an eternal combo!

Check out the license plate and the tire cover and you've got a 4-wheeling dog lover behind the wheel! Love it! 

16 January 2018

Tuesday is Tucson Trivia Time!

So...did you know that Tucson has more than 300 Mexican restaurants! Holy Taco! Perhaps the best known of these is El Charro, the oldest family run Mexican restaurant in the United States and also the restaurant that invented the chimichanga. Mmmm! 

15 January 2018

The Time is Always Right to do What is Right ~

All the ways you can make a difference this MLK Day

By Bethany Hines, CNN
Updated 3:25 PM ET, Sun January 14, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr.'s emphasis on nonviolence and service to his "beloved community" garnered the civil rights leader worldwide recognition. In 1964, at 35 years old, King became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

(CNN)Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not just a federal holiday where you take off work, it's also meant to be a national day of service -- a time for action. "You can have a person in your own house that needs help. Your neighbor needs help. That is the whole premise," said Carmen Coya van-Duijn with the King Center in Atlanta.
Here are some ways you can make a difference on this day -- and all year long.
Donate time
Deliver meals: Ten million senior citizens in America face the threat of hunger and Meals on Wheels provides nutritious meals for homebound seniors. You can sign up to deliver a meal and give a quick safety check for senior citizens in your area.
Start a conversation: Points of Light Sunday Supper was inspired by Dr. King's vision that people of diverse backgrounds would come together to discuss injustices and create a plan for action. Share a meal and conversation about community issues here. Other ways to volunteer are listed on the organization's website.
Use your words: Good with words? You can write a letter thanking a veteran, first responder or a new recruit through Operation Gratitude.
Donate talent
Build homes: Find out what the housing need looks like in your community here and help build homes for those in need with Habitat for Humanity.
Educate others: The MLK National Day of Service site provides tool kits you can use to teach your friends, families and neighbors topics ranging from disaster preparedness to well-being. Start your own project here.
Offer help: Are you a medical professional? Doctors without Borders recruits medical, administrative and logistical support personnel to provide medical care to people worldwide.
Donate treasure
Give money: Life-changing events like natural disasters happens often around the country and many people need of support. CNN's Impact Your World has a list of causes you can donate to.
Be kind: Give a compliment. Open the door for someone. Help mom cook dinner. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "The time is always right to do what is right."

14 January 2018

OK - I give up!

13 JANUARY 2018

2nd Day of "Where is this?" Contest ~

12 JANUARY 2018

It's Contest time again!

Day 3:
OK - not a single guess! The answer is Wildflower on Oracle. One of Tucson's best restaurants! 

Day 2: Wow - not a single guess so far! OK - this bar is in a restaurant that is north of River Road and west of 1st Avenue. 

Let's wind down the week with a contest! Regulars to the site know that whomever is the first to post the correct answer to "Where is this?" wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Start your engines and post your best guess! Good luck!

13 January 2018

2nd Day of "Where is this?" Contest ~

12 JANUARY 2018

It's Contest time again!

Day 2: Wow - not a single guess so far! OK - this bar is in a restaurant that is north of River Road and west of 1st Avenue. 

Let's wind down the week with a contest! Regulars to the site know that whomever is the first to post the correct answer to "Where is this?" wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Start your engines and post your best guess! Good luck!

12 January 2018

It's Contest time again!

Let's wind down the week with a contest! Regulars to the site know that whomever is the first to post the correct answer to "Where is this?" wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Start your engines and post your best guess! Good luck!

11 January 2018

11 JANUARY 2011

Outpouring of love, prayers, hope ~

There is no one in Tucson unaffected by Saturday's events. Here is a glimpse of the public outpouring of emotion displayed in front of Gabby Giffords' Tucson headquarters. Hundreds of candles and flowers perfume the air; dozens of handwritten signs beg for peace and healing for the victims and their families.
This constant vigil is just one site established for prayer during this difficult time. Tonight there will be a "Healing of our Community" mass at 7pm at St Odilia Church (7570 N Paseo del Norte).
A permanent memorial of the January 8, 2011 event will be built downtown. Here is more info as well as photos and a video of the dedication. 

10 January 2018

Serene St Philip's in the Hills ~

Today we come to the end of a whirlwind 15-Day Alphabet Tour of MY FAVORITE THINGS in Tucson. If you have not been following along, let me explain. Each day has highlighted a Tucson treasure while being guided by the letters in MY FAVORITE THINGS

Today we wrap up the tour with a Tucson treasure that starts with the letter S - St Philip's Church at River & Campbell. 

This beautiful building was designed in the 1930's by Josias Joesler, one of Tucson's most famous architects. This Episcopal church is known for its outreach and its inclusion. 

The church's grounds are serene and offer many welcoming areas to enjoy a contemplative and refreshing moment. 

What is YOUR favorite thing/place in Tucson that starts with an S? Tell us!

I hope you enjoyed your tour around town these past 15 days. What did you like best?

09 January 2018

G is for Giggle AND Groan at the Gaslight!

We have been on an Alphabet Tour of Tucson using the letters of MY FAVORITE THINGS to spotlight some of Tucson's greatest and most fun places and things. On Day 14 of our tour we have landed on the letter G which brings us to a true Tucson treasure - the Gaslight Theatre.

I can't count how many shows I have seen there and every one has been witty, entertaining, and oh yes... CORNY! The exuberant spirit of the ensemble cast fills the theatre with a happy glow. I think that if you don't enjoy the shows at the Gaslight Theatre, your DNA must be missing the gene for humor! (:

The Lone Stranger is the next spoof scheduled. The shows sell out fast so call for tickets soon if you want to see this one. 

What is your favorite Tucson thing/place that begins with a G? Tell us!

08 January 2018

Today is N for Neighborhood ~

To fulfill the 15-day Alphabet Tour of MY FAVORITE THINGS in Tucson, we are now at the letter N and I decided to highlight a Neighborhood. 

Tucson has many interesting Neighborhoods with styles and vibes of their own. One of the most charming areas of town is a small area east of Campbell that has been designated a National Historic District - the Sam Hughes Neighborhood. Every two years the residents organize a very popular and well attended House Tour. To learn more about this beautiful and historic neighborhood, click here

What is YOUR favorite Tucson neighborhood? Tell us! 

07 January 2018

One of Tucson's Best ICONS ~

As we continue our virtual Alphabet Tour of Tucson we have arrived at Day 13 of showcasing great Tucson things using the letters of MY FAVORITE THINGS. 

This brings us to Tucson things and places that begin with the letter I. How about this fantastic neon sign as a classic Tucson Icon? This sign was installed about 8 years ago in the Miracle Mile neighborhood and serves as an old fashioned "Welcome" sign. 

What is your favorite Tucson Icon? Tell us! 

06 January 2018

Today we focus on the letter H ~

We are glad you have joined us for our Alphabet Tour of Tucson with the letters that spell MY FAVORITE THINGS. Already we are on Day 12  and looking at great things in Tucson that begin with the letter H.

If you don't know about the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, let me fill you in! They are supported ENTIRELY by local funding - no national funding is helping them accomplish all that they do for animals. And they are currently in the midst of a capital campaign to build a wonderful new home. If you are inclined to help them reach their goal, go to their website to quickly and safely donate. Every dollar is appreciated! 

What is your favorite Tucson thing/place that starts with the letter H? Tell us!

05 January 2018

Another of Tucson's great T's ~

If you have recently been on the site you know that we are taking a virtual Alphabet Tour to showcase some of Tucson's greatest things and places using MY FAVORITE THINGS as the guide. 

Today is Day 11 and we are on the letter T. Tanque Verde Guest Ranch offers a true dude ranch experience and combines rustic Western-style charm with comfort. Even if you are not a guest there you can enjoy the restaurant and the Dog House Saloon. This is the West at its best!

What is your favorite Tucson thing/place that starts with the letter T? Tell us! 

04 January 2018

One of Tucson's GREATEST events!

As we continue on our virtual tour of Tucson's greatest places and things, we have selected this wonderful event to represent the letter E in our Alphabet Tour of MY FAVORITE THINGS. 

This is Day 10 of our celebration and the featured Event is the wonderful, amazing, huge Tucson Festival of Books that takes place every spring. Authors come from all over the world and do talks and workshops, local nonprofits showcase their services, and the campus mall is covered for as far as the eye can see with white tents that showcase books, literacy, writing, books, reading, and more books! 

What is YOUR favorite Tucson event? Gem Show? Rodeo? Tell us!

03 January 2018

One of Tucson's great "T's" ~

Recently we have been taking a virtual Alphabet Tour of Tucson and today is Day 9 as we spell out MY FAVORITE THINGS in Tucson. We are showcasing the great things in Tucson that begin with the letter T

This is the elegant Tucson Temple of Music and Art, the Tucson home of the Arizona Theatre Company. Not only is this space historic and charming, the engineers got the acoustics right - unlike the behemoth UA Centennial Hall where you have to hope your seat is in one of the very few sweet spots!

What is your favorite Tucson place that begins with the letter T? Tell us! 

02 January 2018

Day 8 of the Alphabet Tour -

Today we are thinking about things in Tucson that begin with the letter I as we post the 8th day of MY FAVORITE THINGS about Tucson. 

If you love Improv, you must get yourself to the great and wacky Unscrewed Theatre! The 7:30 pm show is family friendly which doesn't mean it's all Disney-esque. It just means that the show does not contain vulgarity. I am happy to enjoy an evening of comedy without f-bombs, aren't you?

And if you want to get up on stage yourself, they do invite audience participation AND they offer classes, too!

01 January 2018

Let's eat more carrots! Happy New Year!

We ended the year with exploring many of Tucson's Treasures and here we are kicking off 2018 and continuing our tour. Today is Day 7 of MY FAVORITE THINGS. So, here we visit one of the things in Tucson that begins with R: the   wonderful Reid Park Zoo

If you have never fed a carrot to a giraffe, you don't know what you are missing! And boy do they have long eyelashes! 

What are your favorite Tucson things that begin with R? Tell us!