31 October 2013

Something a little creepy to celebrate the day ~

Happy Halloween everyone! I thought this saguaro skeleton looks like a big stake - large enough to impale Dracula! What is your costume this year?

30 October 2013

On the Wings of Dreams ~

Yesterday I took you to the Pie Allen neighborhood, one of Tucson's most interesting historic neighborhoods. Here is another example of the great public art that abounds there. This magnificent fence sculpture by Adam Homan is titled, "We all have Wings."

29 October 2013

Great street art ~

The Pie Allen neighborhood is one of Tucson's most charming areas and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The neighborhood celebrates art and every block seems to have some piece of public art to enjoy. I love this cactus-filled wheel barrow!

28 October 2013

Bundt Pumpkin (is that a Bumpkin or a Bundtkin?) ~

A fun twist on a traditional bundt cake - decorated like a pumpkin! I made this for a Halloween party and yes, that's an orange spider on top. And yes, that's an ice cream cone for a stem. (:

27 October 2013

More clues for "Where is this?" ~

OK everyone! Here are two more views of this bug. The top image is looking south. The bottom image is looking north. This bug is west of Park, east of 4th Avenue, south of 6th Street, and north of Broadway. Good luck!

25 October 2013

Time for another "Where is this?"

Yes! It's that time again to play the "Where is this?" quiz! And this is not meant to be tricky -- it isn't a secluded gate/fence in a residential neighborhood. This big bug is very visible! If you are the first to identify this sculpture, you will receive one of the 'absolutely fabulous' TDP t-shirts (full details on the "Monday already?" t-shirt available on the home page). Start your engines and good luck!

24 October 2013

Tucson Time Travel ~

This building's painted wall sign for National Auto Glass still displays the very old style of telephone exchanges. Note the number is "MA2-4849." With a little Internet digging, I found out that "MA" was "Main" in Tucson - in use until the 1960's.

23 October 2013

Tire Towers with Breasts ~

I can't explain these sculptures. Maybe someone reading this knows more about these bare breasted women/creatures sitting atop a pile of tires..... Anyone? They decorate the entry to the Ft Lowell Apartments and the complex's website does not mention them or display them. Dunno.

22 October 2013

Not invisible Invisible Theatre ~

The Invisible Theatre (just 80 seats) is a Tucson Treasure. This nonprofit theatre gives Tucson audiences a chance to see local productions and off-Broadway fare in a very cozy environment. 

21 October 2013

Tucson Treasure ~

The Loft Cinema is Tucson's "art" movie house. The building has a main auditorium and two smaller screens so there are often multiple films showing simultaneously. If you want to see a foreign film or a festival winner, this is the place it will most likely be shown in Tucson. The Loft is a nonprofit business and is member supported. I think it's the only movie theatre in town that serves wine, beer, and organic popcorn!!

20 October 2013

Meaningful Memorial ~

Tucson has many "Ghost Bikes" to honor bicyclists who were killed by motorists. Each one has its own story of a life cut short. I have posted many on this site (click the "Memorial" tab to see more). This ghost bike is on Tucson Blvd near Elm and it is a memorial to Matthew Ryan Preston. I was deeply moved by the story his mother wrote about him and hope you'll read it, too. Here's a link to read more about ghost bikes - an international effort.

18 October 2013

My what big teeth you have!

Halloween seems to be a fitting time of year to showcase this giant "monster" carnivore! This T-Rex skull is on display in the lobby of the Flandrau Planetarium - a place that can keep you (and your kids) engaged and amazed for hours.

17 October 2013

Tucson's piece of Provence ~

There are few things more beautiful than a field of sunflowers stretching as far as the eye can see. These blooms are in Willcox, a farming community east of Tucson.

16 October 2013

Serenity ~

We may not have beaches and ocean but we do have corn fields. This serene cornfield is so beautiful! I only wish I could transmit the way the stalks sounded when they were rustling in the wind.

15 October 2013

Welcome home, pardner!

On the way back from Apple Annie's we took the scenic route through Sonoita and Patagonia. Here's a beautiful western ranch property's ornamental entry gate. Wow! I want to live THERE!

14 October 2013

A Tucson tradition (but in Willcox, AZ)

A few times a year many Tucson residents make the drive out to Willcox so that they can pick fruit and vegetables and enjoy walking around on the Apple Annie farm. Apple Annie's has many fun features for families this year - including a corn maze. And it's also just fun to be on a working farm and pick your own!

13 October 2013

Creepy stagecoach ~

This life size inflatable coach is really creepy! The driver looks like the Grim Reaper himself. And it apperas that the passenger is a corpse on his way to hell! I wonder what the neighbors think of this weird thing....

12 October 2013

Got Ghosts?

I have to salute these imaginative homeowners! Whoever said decorating for the holidays has to be expensive? These folks recycled empty milk jugs to create this group of ghosts - fun!

11 October 2013

Mixed message ~

Sitting at a red light I noticed this sign and really didn't know what to make of it. When I think of the very British Mother Hubbard from the nursery rhyme (a grandmotherly type who shops for all sorts of food and treats for her dog), I associate foods like jams and casseroles and cakes and biscuits. I don't think of Native American food and I don't really make the connection to Mother Hubbard and Day of the Dead at all! Am I missing something?

10 October 2013

Tucson's plein air gallery ~

This homeowner/artist in the Sam Hughes neighborhood has done a fantastic job of customizing the entrance to their home. Not only is the street-facing wall hung with interesting art, but the gate, too, is eye-catching and definitely different.

09 October 2013

Do I detect a nip in the air?

OK, fair enough - in Tucson we think having a nip in the air is when it goes below 70 degrees! But we are definitely heading into cooler weather and this cheerful pumpkin stand makes me think about wearing a big sweater and drinking hot cider.

08 October 2013

Fall is here - the ristras have arrived!

Nothing says "You're in the Southwest!" like a chile ristra. Hatch, NM is the location most often credited with having the "best" chiles. If you are thinking about stringing your own or you would like a red chile sauce recipe, click here for instructions. Enjoy and bon appetit!

07 October 2013

Black cats rock!

Once a year black cats rock and I'm beginning to see them all over town. This inflatable feline is part of the decor at Brian and Kelly's Pumpkin Patch on Broadway. They are selling pumpkins and other gourds in many colors (my favorite is the 'ghost' pumpkin). Does anyone still carve pumpkin faces?

06 October 2013

Great message for speeding away ~

What a great license plate for this racy little Italian Fiat! Arrivederci, ciao, goodbye!

05 October 2013

Angry Tree, Happy Ghosts ~

Well 'tis the season now for ghouls, goblins, and ghosts. And, as ever, the Gaslight Costume Shop is ready to help you with all your Halloween party needs. This tree is on their roof - pretty eyecatching from Broadway or Kolb Road!

04 October 2013

Skyscraper saguaro ~

Lots of "S" words come to mind to describe this saguaro - stately, spectacular, stunning! Can you add any "S" adjectives?

03 October 2013

Tucson tribute to fallen bicyclist ~

Spread out all over Tucson are impromptu memorials to bicyclists who were killed by motorists. This one is on Ft Lowell west of Campbell. These "Ghost Bikes" are not unique to Tucson - they are an international effort to raise awareness of sharing the road with bikes. Click here to read more about the Ghost Bike movement.

02 October 2013

Meet Egore ~

Great name for a vulture, isn't it? Impressive Egore is another current resident at the Tucson Wildlife Center. I thought I would finish this week's tour of this wonderful facility with a bird that is synonymous with the approaching Halloween season. Boo! 

01 October 2013

Rare Albino Redtail Hawk ~

This fellow is just breathtaking! Snowy white and so regal, this albino redtail hawk is under the care of the watchful staff at the Tucson Wildlife Center, a wonderful facility dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and release back into the wild of a whole host of critters. Please scroll my previous few days of posts to see more animals and learn more about this nonprofit organization in Tucson.