05 October 2013

Angry Tree, Happy Ghosts ~

Well 'tis the season now for ghouls, goblins, and ghosts. And, as ever, the Gaslight Costume Shop is ready to help you with all your Halloween party needs. This tree is on their roof - pretty eyecatching from Broadway or Kolb Road!


  1. This is what the grumpy apple trees in The Wizard of Oz turn into at Halloween!!

    Have you ever been to a Gaslight Theater production?? They're sooo much funl!! Funny, slapstick, double-entendre, audience participating (booing and cheering), great singing, great sets...as you can see, I'm a big fan! They're celebrating 35 years of production, so back in the days when I lived in Tucson I tried to see as many performances as possible. If you go to their website, they now have a video trailer of the current show! Love the internet :-)

  2. Elizabeth! YES I love the Gaslight Theatre productions also! In fact, just yesterday I got tickets for the current production and their Christmas show, too. Fun! Popcorn! Singing! Booing!

    1. Oh, you're gonna get to see the Pirates show!! Lucky!! Do some 'booing' and 'hissing' for me, and
      'cheering'...and stuff yourself with popcorn :-D

      Wow, how can Christmas be just around the corner?!