23 October 2013

Tire Towers with Breasts ~

I can't explain these sculptures. Maybe someone reading this knows more about these bare breasted women/creatures sitting atop a pile of tires..... Anyone? They decorate the entry to the Ft Lowell Apartments and the complex's website does not mention them or display them. Dunno.


  1. How strange!! So I googled "tire art in front of Ft.Lowell Apartments, Tucson" and found out the story!! Here's one site with info: http://apmobile.worldnow.com/story/23690255/controversial-artist-unveils-new-statues-outside-tucson-apartment-complex

    It's a surprising story!! Not so sure this art would make me want to move into these apartments :-)

  2. Elizabeth! You totally rock! The info you found was actually in the AZ Daily Star just a few days ago and I obviously missed it! THANK YOU! The story IS a little weird....