07 October 2013

Black cats rock!

Once a year black cats rock and I'm beginning to see them all over town. This inflatable feline is part of the decor at Brian and Kelly's Pumpkin Patch on Broadway. They are selling pumpkins and other gourds in many colors (my favorite is the 'ghost' pumpkin). Does anyone still carve pumpkin faces?


  1. That's one big kitty! MEOW!

  2. Yes we still carve a face into our pumpkin every year. It doesn't seem like Halloween without one.

  3. Is that the place west of Rosemont Blvd? I think they transition into Christmas Trees after Halloween?
    I LOVE Halloween, but, sadly, haven't carved a pumpkin in a few years...but back in the day my best friend and I began decorating her yard and every year the (hand-made!) features began to grow...full size tombstones and coffins (cut from styrofoam boards), big black spiders (made with papier mache covered balloons!), oh and a ghoulish host of other things!! On our best year we carved 18 pumpkins!! That's when they only cost $! or less a piece!

    Goodness, I've left a life story as a comment! That's what Halloween does to me! Oh, and I have a REAL black cat that lives here...but these blow-up ghouls are wonderful to see!!

  4. Yes, Elizabeth, it's the same place. They seem to be open for several months at a time now. They sell salsa and jams, too, now. Your yard decor must have thrilled the trick or treating kids! This year - buy a pumpkin and get carving!!!!