14 October 2013

A Tucson tradition (but in Willcox, AZ)

A few times a year many Tucson residents make the drive out to Willcox so that they can pick fruit and vegetables and enjoy walking around on the Apple Annie farm. Apple Annie's has many fun features for families this year - including a corn maze. And it's also just fun to be on a working farm and pick your own!


  1. Yes, this is FUN stuff to do in the desert! I went to their peach picking time a couple of summers ago...isn't it a surprise to find Apple Annie's out in the middle of all that scrub brush landscape!! Well, Diane, did you find the PP (Perfect Pumpkin) and will you be playing with knives for the carving?!!

  2. Well I did bring home a pumpkin but it's a little fellow with unusual green, orange, and white striping. Too small to carve. Also bought organic veggies and ate the most delicious apple cider doughnut - hot! Mmmmm!