29 June 2013

114 degree heat? Who cares?

Tucson's prickly pear cactus are pretty durable and every year they manage to survive our triple digit temperatures as they patiently wait for the rains. This prickly pear, however, doesn't have to wait for the monsoons for a break. It's a metal sculpture that is beautiful in any weather.

28 June 2013

50 Shades of Green ~

It may be sizzling hot here in Tucson right now but we still have many cool spots. Here is a beautiful residential fence and wall with many vines and ivy and a huge prickly pear too - all different shades of cool cool green. Seeing green sure seems to bring the heat down....

27 June 2013

Palm Tree Forest ~

Rarely in Tucson do you see palm trees with such thick trunks. These massive specimens have benefited from the water supply at Agua Caliente Park and have grown to heroic proportions. Looks like Miami!

26 June 2013

Primordial ooze?

The water and trees at Agua Caliente Park look positively primeval. This is an interesting public park in Tucson comprised of 100 acres of water, sand, and huge palms. Amazing!

25 June 2013

Ahhh....a cool spot to relax

Any tiny bit of shade is very welcome now in Tucson. We are firmly in the triple digits and it is HOT! Soon the monsoons will arrive and cool things down. But in the meantime, Agua Caliente Park offers some greenery, some shade, and some quiet, too.

24 June 2013

Everglades? Nope - Tucson!

Surprise, surprise - yes, we have sand beaches in Tucson. To get a break from our intense heat, I took a wonderful stroll through Agua Caliente Park. It is named after the hot springs but as far as I could see there is no longer a way to enjoy those curative powers. No swimming is permitted. It is a haven for birds, though, and lots of other wildlife. 100 acres of quiet greenery - very nice change of pace!

23 June 2013

Peacocks on parade ~

Here is a whole pride of peacocks strutting their stuff at Harlow Gardens. If peacock sculpture isn't your thing how about a coyote, a javelina, or a bouquet of metal flowers? They have it all and more....

22 June 2013

Antidepressant fencing ~

Even the metal fence at Harlow Gardens is decorated with flowers! Everything about this place is colorful and cheerful.

21 June 2013

Outdoor doors ~

In addition to their fantastic selection of plants, trees, and bushes, Harlow Gardens also offers an imaginative  assortment of items to give your patio and yard some personality. How about these fun doors to use as a backdrop for sculpture?

20 June 2013

Munchkinland ~

At the entrance of Harlow Gardens you will be transported to Tucson's version of Munchkinland - brilliantly colored, oversized blooming flowers greet you. Magical!

19 June 2013

Shopping CAN be therapy ~

Yes, shopping can be therapeutic ~ especially if you are surrounded by flowers, plants, trees, and fun yard art! Let me introduce you to Harlow Gardens, one of the most colorful, welcoming, and fun places to shop for "all things garden." Walking around the grounds felt like being in a beautiful park.

17 June 2013

Tucson's own Leonardo ~

You may remember the terrible fire that the Compass High School suffered a few years ago. Their campus on 22nd Street is being rebuilt and I just love that they painted the door on one of their new buildings with a mural portrait of DaVinci! Inspirational.

16 June 2013

Palm tree in a box ~

Driving north on Campbell I noticed that some landscapers were working on installing this palm tree. I thought the root ball that was actually a root BOX was pretty interesting.

15 June 2013

Personal freight train ~

I really don't know what we're looking at here! Of course when I saw the train as yard art, I had to stop and take a photo. Then I noticed the intricate mosaic wall art. And then of course, I spotted the dozens of stuffed toys.....

14 June 2013

Outdoor dining ~

Here's a unique seating arrangement - chairs made from tractor parts! Fine outdoor dining with real style...

13 June 2013

Cool green walkway ~

This beautiful block is so lush and green it's almost enough to forget we are in the triple digits every day. I particularly loved the charming antique letterbox in front of this house.

12 June 2013

Tucson's Historic Barrio District ~

Each time I walk around in Tucson's old Barrio district I see something new, something old, and something interesting. Here is a link to more photos and info.

11 June 2013

The freshest herbs on your plate ~

If you appreciate really fresh food - and really fresh herbs - you'll love dining at Feast (on Speedway). Here is part of their chef's garden brimming with herbs and lettuce and more. Yum! And those sunflowers! I would love to know their secret to such thick stems and huge blossoms.... I have flower envy.

10 June 2013

What do you see?

A conquistador's helmet? Slices of bread? This sculpture decorates a private residence's lawn and I have no idea who the artist is or the title of this piece. Any ideas?

09 June 2013

Where woodpeckers call home ~

A few days ago I posted a giant saguaro that is home to many bird nests. Here is another photo I took of that "Bird Condo" and you can see this woodpecker clinging to a blossom. I missed seeing him the first time I looked at the shots. 

08 June 2013

First of the season ~

My garden's sunflowers are only about 8" tall right now so I was surprised to these these tall beauties. I'm guessing they were planted as early as March to be 6' tall now. This inspires me to get mine going earlier next year!

07 June 2013

Frostbitten, not sunburned ~

When I drove past this organ pipe cactus I had to investigate what on earth was happening to the tips! I learned that the fuzzy "tails" are a result of our winter freeze. Amazing! 

06 June 2013

Horse tire swing ~

Here's a way to have some fun on a hot Tucson night - swinging on a tire to catch some cool breeze. And as an extra feature this tire swing is shaped like a horse! I salute these imaginative homeowners/artists for making something great out of an ordinary tire.

05 June 2013

The eternal question ~

Drivers and passersby on Speedway at Rosemont can ponder their own answer to this eternal question!

04 June 2013

Sun Slot Machine ~

When I saw the TV weather report for this week I thought of a slot machine with those 7 suns all lined up. Yep, we're firmly in the triple digits now. Remember to put the barbecue mitts in the car so you don't burn yourself on the steering wheel! Hello, Tucson summer.

03 June 2013

A story unto itself ~

Well this front yard tells a story for sure but I'm not quite sure what it is. On the left we have Juan Valdez and his little donkey. In the middle we have a monolithic sculpture with a water fountain pot on top. And on the right we have a kneeling cowgirl. Anyone want to write a caption for this?!

02 June 2013

Special sunscreen ~

When the temperature reaches 108 degrees like it did today, you need a plan to fight back. This smart motorist uses a custom sunscreen to protect their vehicle - a great idea to preserve the paint in this brutal desert!

01 June 2013

Big bird house ~

This mighty saguaro is home to many many birds. The holes you see shelter cactus wrens, woodpeckers, and others. This one plant serves as a wonderful community condo.