11 June 2013

The freshest herbs on your plate ~

If you appreciate really fresh food - and really fresh herbs - you'll love dining at Feast (on Speedway). Here is part of their chef's garden brimming with herbs and lettuce and more. Yum! And those sunflowers! I would love to know their secret to such thick stems and huge blossoms.... I have flower envy.


  1. I wish I had an herb garden like that!

  2. I love that garden! Have you ever seen the chef's garden at the Westward Look? It is around back and oh so inviting. They grow all sorts of things. Sadly they lost the Kumquat trees to the freeze two years ago but it is really lovely and worth a peek.

  3. Roberta - I am attending a retreat there in August and will make sure to check that out and take some photos of it. Thanks for the tip! (: