02 June 2013

Special sunscreen ~

When the temperature reaches 108 degrees like it did today, you need a plan to fight back. This smart motorist uses a custom sunscreen to protect their vehicle - a great idea to preserve the paint in this brutal desert!


  1. I have only seen that kind of car cover used for long term storage but with hot sun like that, this makes sense. 108? I bet you have lots of auto body/paint shops in Arizona.

  2. Hello summer in Tucson!! It's when looking for a parking space has nothing to do with being close to the store entrance but everything to do with the one tree in the parking lot, no matter how little shade it may give...even one leaf casts a welcome shadow!!

  3. Ah you know it well. The parking space under even the slimmest little sapling with one tiny leaf is highly desirable when the weather is this hot. We're in for a long summer....