29 June 2013

114 degree heat? Who cares?

Tucson's prickly pear cactus are pretty durable and every year they manage to survive our triple digit temperatures as they patiently wait for the rains. This prickly pear, however, doesn't have to wait for the monsoons for a break. It's a metal sculpture that is beautiful in any weather.


  1. I've never seen a prickly pear sculpture that is FLOWERING!! That's beautiful! And, this guy functions as a Guard Cactus, too, look at those sharp spines!! Is this at Harlow's?

    Be careful in that heat, I know it's like a furnace...monsoons may be coming up next week, so it's a game of Chicken now: who will flinch first and it's always the monsoon that gives in!

  2. Hi Elizabeth ~ Yes, I spotted it at Harlow's. The air right now actually feels thick. Monsoons any day now.....whew.