31 December 2020

Path to a Glorious New Year!

Here is one of the many lighted paths at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Their holiday luminaria festival is a perfect way to celebrate walking into the New Year! I hope that your 2021 path is colorful and beautifully illuminated! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

28 December 2020

A Very Welcome Sign!

Wow - I don't know what to ask first -- WHEN can you start? or WHAT will you fix first? 

Our country has serious problems that require wisdom, empathy, and fortitude to tackle. We start 2021 with a new year, a new president, and a new plan. Let's work together to get America healthy and working again! Masks & Vaccines - yay! 


23 December 2020

If you believe in Santa....

For more than 60 years the North American Aerospace Defense Command has tracked Santa's progress across the globe. To pass the time until Christmas Eve, go to the site and you and your kids can play games and have fun exploring Santa's village! They also have a MAP and a COUNTDOWN! Fun!

20 December 2020

16 December 2020

Santa was born in Tucson, AZ!

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus and he was created in Tucson, AZ! Artist Haddon Sundblom created the well known and well loved image of Santa for the Coca Cola company. 

Sundblom was a frequent visitor to Tucson where he stayed at what is now known as the Westward Look Resort. Sundblom often used the resort owner's two daughters, Laci and Sancy Nason, as his models. In this painting Sundblom transformed little Sancy into a boy so that Coke would appeal to both boys and girls.

11 December 2020

05 December 2020

'tis the Season!

Even the cactus in Tucson are getting spruced up to wait for Santa's arrival! Actually it is QUITE COLD here now so these hats also serve to protect the cactus from freezing. Both stylish and practical! 

02 December 2020

Plato said it best: "Know Thyself"

This driver probably isn't on a lot of dinner party guest lists! Large Bore indeed....  Although because we are in Arizona I am guessing he is referring to ammo caliber. But maybe not!