31 August 2016

Communal puzzle project ~

The Westward Look Resort has many charming sitting areas throughout the property. Here in a room just off of the main lobby is a table that always displays the guests' "puzzle in progress." Fun! 

30 August 2016

Drinks, anyone?

What a lovely spot this is in summer or winter! This is one of the many gathering places guests at the Westward Look Resort can enjoy Tucson's blue skies and mountain views in all directions. When the mercury dips in the winter, this charming beehive fireplace can be lit for warmth and ambiance. 

29 August 2016

Rustic Welcome ~

As you enter the Westward Look's lobby, you are welcomed by images of the West. Here is a saddle and beautiful Navajo rug that set the tone for this rustic yet luxurious hotel. 

28 August 2016

Historical View ~

This beautiful second story view is at Westward Look Resort, one of Tucson's oldest hotels. The resort has a rich history and still retains a western flair that appeals to an international clientele. 

27 August 2016

Frodo lives!

What are the chances of this? I was at a dinner and two couples at my table had pet tortoises! Here is a photo of Frodo enjoying a lovely snack of kale and prickly pear fruit. Yum! I think tortoises are just amazing!
Photo courtesy of Gina Fischer. 

26 August 2016

Tucson's Starry Night ~

Two views of our world famous night sky. We are lucky to have such clear skies in Tucson. Did you know that Tucson is one of the top 10 sites for astronomy in the U.S.?  Meteorite showers are particularly beautiful here! 
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

25 August 2016

Sculpture by day; Flaming dragon by night

By day visitors to Taliesin West enjoy a mild-mannered metal sculpture. By night it is revealed as a fire-breathing dragon! The story goes that this dragon sculpture was initially installed in one of the many beautiful reflecting pools around the grounds. Mrs. Wright insisted that no self-respecting dragon spews water so it was reinstalled and fitted with a flame. Wow!

24 August 2016

Moon Gate ~

Here is one of Frank Lloyd Wright's many tributes to Chinese art at Taliesin West. This beautiful Moon Gate combines the traditional shape with the distinctive burnt orange color that Wright used throughout his western home. 

23 August 2016

The Quirky Genius of Frank Lloyd Wright ~

In yesterday's post I showed you the Wright party room at Taliesin West. Way in the back on the north wall you can see this pot/urn. Here is the remarkable side view. The story is this... when it was finally decided to install glass in the windows (replacing the canvas shades), this pot became a dilemma for the architecture students. Wright felt the piece was perfectly situated on the shelf and would not permit the students to widen the shelf. The solution that they finally proposed was to custom cut the glass so that the window would be created around the urn. And that is what Wright had them do! 

22 August 2016

The Wright Party Room ~

Our tour guide (in the plaid shirt) shared lots of fun and weird stories with us about the house and the quirky genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. Here is the main room used for parties. Frank Lloyd Wright had several pianos throughout the property and this one (behind the guide) was frequently played by Wright. All of the furniture in this room (except the piano) is replicas of the originals. Canvas panels were installed here to diffuse the light just as they were used in the studio and elsewhere.
Photo courtesy Steve Wolfer. 

21 August 2016

Taliesin West = 180,000 Legos!

An architecture student built this replica of Taliesin West with Legos - 180,000 of them! Our tour guide laughed when he said that even if visitors forget everything he told them about Wright and his work, they always remember the Lego version of the property. As you can see, the compound is vast. 

20 August 2016

Ancient Inspiration ~

According to our Taliesin West tour guide, this petroglyph inspired Frank Lloyd Wright's logo for the property. He thought the glyph looked like two hands entwined. The rock is near the entrance to the property.

19 August 2016

Genius Area ~

Because we were touring Taliesin West on a Sunday we could take a peek into the studio area where the current architecture students work. The light here is diffused through canvas panels as is typical of all of the rest of the residence and work areas. 

18 August 2016

Japan? No... Scottsdale!

As we were finishing our tour of Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright's western home, I caught this photo of the tour group after us with everyone holding their red umbrellas as protection against the unforgiving Arizona sun.  

17 August 2016

An iconic Arizona dwelling ~

You may recognize the distinctive style of this building if you are familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright's winter home, Taliesin West, is a wonderful day trip from Tucson. His organic style of architecture beautifully incorporates local natural materials in the structure. The entire compound is set on nearly 500 acres and offers spectacular panorama views.

16 August 2016

Fishy Lady ~

Tucson has a big monthly event which is held downtown and usually encompasses 4th Avenue also. It is called "2nd Saturday" and lots of fun things happen - live music, vendors selling all sorts of fun and weird stuff, food trucks... you name it. Here is a window display that tied into the Mermaid Theme that set the tone for the evening and for the parade. Here's more info and pics! 
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

13 August 2016

OK, Tucson foodies.... where is this?

It's time once again for a "Where is this?" contest! First person to identify where this painting is hanging wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt or mousepad. Good luck! 

DAY 2: No guesses yet? 
Here is a hint: OK - this restaurant is not one of the "new kids on the block." It has been in Tucson since the late 1990's. South of Speedway; north of Broadway.

Day 3:  Good guess, Roseann but not a winner! This charming restaurant is just steps away from the beautiful Fox Theatre..... yep, Caffe Milano. If you love Italian food, you must try this restaurant. Here's their website.

12 August 2016

Always fun, Always corny!

The Gaslight Theatre is a Tucson treasure! Every show I have ever seen there has been hilarious. The current show, "The Freedom League" is sort of Star Trek meets Superman with Wonder Woman and Flash Gordon thrown in for good measure. The special effects are designed to be totally cheesy and guaranteed to make you laugh. This current show runs through August 28. Go and laugh! It's good for the soul! 

11 August 2016

Throwback Thursday ~ Dinosaurs in Tucson

11 AUGUST 2010

This was the last entry to a downtown walking tour I posted on the site in 2010. FUN Sculpture! 

You've learned a lot about Tucson's history this week but I bet you didn't expect to find out that dinosaurs live here. This life-size beauty was created by local artist Daniel McQuestion and is currently camping out on this friend's porch until it finds a new home. Know anyone who would like to display this fantastic creature in their home or office?

To learn more about Daniel's work, please go to his website: www.dmcquestion.com. There you will learn about his plans and see many other examples of feathered dinosaurs. Let me give a special thank you to the owner of 372 W Franklin for permitting me to photograph this beauty.

10 August 2016

A Beautiful Thought for Today ~

Today I want to share an image and a sentiment by Tucson photographer, Claude Thayer. I hope you enjoy this beautiful image of our desert cactus flowers and a lovely thought.
Photo poster courtesy of Claude Thayer. 

09 August 2016

Life is wild in Oro Valley!


This beautiful specimen - a wild turkey - was spotted walking around an office complex in Oro Valley. Wow!
Photo courtesy of Don Booth.

08 August 2016

Tucson's Garden Eels ~

The Desert Museum's Warden Aquarium is home to this colony of Garden Eels - fascinating creatures! Here is a short video of Garden Eels hiding from a fish. Mesmerizing!
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

07 August 2016

Touch and Feed a Stingray in the Desert!

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has just opened their Stingray Touch exhibit! Both children and adults were fascinated by the mesmerizing 'rays as they glided through the water. Beautiful! To read more about the exhibit and see more photos, click here.
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson.

06 August 2016

Welcome home!

This furry tarantula was sitting beside my front door when I arrived home last night. He is definitely a big specimen! Did you know that tarantulas can regenerate lost legs? And they have a cat-like claw at the end of each leg that helps them climb? These are very interesting creatures.

05 August 2016

History made fun and beautiful ~

There are so many good restaurants now in downtown Tucson but Maynard's remains one of my favorites. Maynard's is housed in the historic train depot complex and offers an interior dining room, nice bar, and outside patio dining as well. They have a nice menu of custom cocktails! It also has a market where you can grab something on the run and do a little shopping for some gourmet food items. 

04 August 2016

Throwback Thursday to today in 2009 ~

04 AUGUST 2009

Ahhh... Water, Agua, Cool & Refreshing

Seven years ago on this date we were craving water! Now we are getting nearly a daily deluge of rain. Here is the full posting from Aug 4, 2009:

We hearty Tucsonans are pretty much living in the triple digits now (day and night!) so any glimpse or sound of water is welcome. This refreshing bubbly oasis is on the west patio of the Tucson Museum of Art.
A bit of outdoor umbrellas can be seen in the background. And that is where one of Tucson's most charming cafes can be found ~ Cafe a la Carte. It's small, friendly, and wonderful. And the desserts... oh la la!
Cafe A-La Carte
150 N Main Ave
(520) 628-8533
Get directions

03 August 2016

Tucson Monsoon: Act I

This is the prelude to our fantastic monsoon storms - huge billowy clouds hanging low in the sky. I love this shot of the puffy white clouds on the horizon framed by the telephone pole and telephone lines. It looks so "wild open spaces, wide west" to me. 

02 August 2016

Dog Days at Tucson's "Secret Garden" ~

Did you know that Reader's Digest selected Tucson's Botanical Gardens as the "Best Secret Garden in America"?  And during the summer months you can bring your dogs! Learn more about the "Dog Days" at the Gardens here

01 August 2016

Cactus Casualty ~

This heroic saguaro is another casualty of the fierce storms that have been blowing through my neighborhood. As you can see, this cactus was decapitated and a very big piece was lobbed off! Wow!