11 August 2010

Unusual Tucson wildlife ~

You've learned alot about Tucson's history this week but I bet you didn't expect to find out that dinosaurs live here. This lifesize beauty was created by local artist Daniel McQuestion and is currently camping out on this friend's porch until it finds a new home. Know anyone who would like to display this fantastic creature in their home or office?

To learn more about Daniel's work, please go to his website: www.dmcquestion.com. There you will learn about his plans and see many other examples of feathered dinosaurs. Let me give a special thank you to the owner of 372 W Franklin for permitting me to photograph this beauty.


  1. Wow, a dinosaur gargoyle. I never thought of that.

  2. I saw this guy when I did my little walk-about last month and I wondered what he was doing there. He is a fine looking specimen.