07 August 2010

Once a gas station & now an art studio; Once enclosed within the Presidio walls ~

The Romero House has had many lives ~ yes, once even a gas station. The Tucson Museum of Art's ceramic classes are held there now. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/romero-house.php

The Casa Cordova is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was once enclosed within the Presidio walls. It is the home of the beloved El Nacimiento display from November - March every year. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/la-casa-cordova.php

Next stop: Time for a break! How about a sip of something cool? You're just two blocks away from TOMA, the fun bar area of El Charro Restaurant. Walk east on Washington and make a left on Court.

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