31 May 2012

See's = Sweets

Prior to coming to Tucson I had never heard of See's Candies. It is a wonderful candy company that was founded in California in 1921 and has grown to 200 locations in the west. Their slogan is "See's - a Happy Habit." When you visit the store the friendly staff always offers you a sample...  mmmmm! Have a sweet day!

30 May 2012

Pink and blue + Green

Tucson is in full bloom ~ flowers of every hue are everywhere and trees provide cool, leafy canopies for humans and critters alike. I love this French blue gate and the perky pink mailbox!

29 May 2012

Nothing says summer like watermelon~

Ah, watermelon! The featured fruit of many picnics, barbecues, patio parties, and summer meals. These cold juicy wedges definitely take the edge off the 98 degree temperatures...

28 May 2012

What a Monday!

I am so excited to share this photo with the TDP followers! Remember a few weeks ago when I ran a contest to identify an unusual building? Well Ellen was the winner and she is so terrific to send a photo of herself wearing her prize - the TDP "Monday Already?" big horned ram t-shirt. Ellen is pulling out her hair about it being Monday already, but at least THIS Monday is a holiday! Happy Monday, Ellen and Happy Memorial Day to all!
P.S. I would be thrilled to post a photo of anyone wearing the TDP t-shirt so if you have one, send your photo to TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com

27 May 2012

Cactus? Tree? Cac-tree?

Many cacti in Tucson grow to heroic proportions! Check out this massive prickly pear plant that is well over 10 feet tall. Pretty impressive porch plant ~

26 May 2012

Lovely shady spot ~

This wonderful, rustic ramada is on the grounds of Tohono Chul Park. I imagine this would be a very nice place to get a little relief from our intense heat.
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

25 May 2012

Whimsical bird houses ~

Yesterday's post featured a tiny, remarkable hummingbird's nest created from leaves and other natural found objects. Now take a stroll through a village of man-made bird houses on display at Tohono Chul Park, a Tucson treasure. For more information on the park and its lovely Tea Room, click here.
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

24 May 2012

Mother hummer and her babies ~

What a rare gift to see ~ here is a mother hummingbird tending to her newborn babies. To give you a sense of scale, the eggs of a hummingbird are about the size of a jellybean. The nests are TINY and virtually invisible to anyone without a trained eye. Please join me in thanking Tucson photographer and artist Cita Scott for sharing these remarkable, beautiful photos with us! To view her artwork, click here.

23 May 2012

Furled orange ~

This charming storefront is part of the collection of shops and restaurants known as Joesler Village. It is named after the famous architect, Josias Joesler, who was influential in shaping the look of many Tucson buildings and homes in the 1900's. For more info and another view, click here.

22 May 2012

A trio of trichocereus ~

One of the truly spectacular wonders of the Sonoran Desert is the Trichocereus cactus flower. It is a bloom that lasts just one day. May is the month to look for these beauties. For another photo (different colors) and information from the Desert Museum on this plant, click here. And - you may have noticed that TucsonDailyPhoto uses a trichocereus as the site's logo and "Welcome" greeting!

21 May 2012

Music under the stars ~

Throughout the year the Arizona Symphonic Winds (an amazing volunteer group of musicians) perform concerts around the area. For their summer Saturday night "Concert Under the Stars" series they play in Udall Park. Here is a photo of music lovers settling in to enjoy the performance. For more info on this community treasure, click here.
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

20 May 2012

Fountain in name only ~

The comment from Elizabeth yesterday got me wondering about a fountain in that area so I drove around and found this not-in-service fountain at the entrance to the (now) NOVA Financial building at Broadway and Wilmot. It's not visible from Broadway - you have to be in the parking lot to see it. I asked a BofA employee about it and she told me that it hasn't been in service for a while. What a shame! So here you have sort of an Incan or Aztec pyramid "sculpture" - a dry fountain.

19 May 2012

Ahhhh....agua ~

We have already hit 100 degrees and it's only the middle of May! This lovely fountain at River and Campbell offers a delightful respite from the heat. Even just listening to the splashing water makes it feel cooler.

18 May 2012

Now for something completely different ~

I am trying out something different with my new phone. I thought I would use the video application so here is a "tester" image of a beautiful gate/doorway. Notice the lovely metal leaf decorating it - such a calming element. Anyway, enjoy a 2-second video of that doorway!

17 May 2012

Simple but strong message ~

I noticed that the Howenstine High Magnet School has created a huge and sparkling mosic flower on an outside wall - "Be Kind." I've also seen this same green flower on bumper stickers. Anyone know the origin? I thought perhaps it was connected to Ben's Bells but I don't think that's the right answer. Thoughts, anyone?

16 May 2012

Urban planning?

Weird placement of "Customer Amenities!" Yes, just after you complete your healthy bike ride and secure your wheels to the bike rack you can inhale a cloud of cigarette smoke! This odd pairing is at the southern entrance of Park Place Mall.

15 May 2012

"Top 100 Travel Blogs" ~ We're on the list!

Thanks for following Tucson Daily Photo! We've been selected as one of TravelAvenue's "Top 100 Travel Blogs." Check out TravelAvenue's site here. Thank you, thank you, everyone!

14 May 2012

Tucson International Academy Celebrates!

With a bit of lucky timing I happened upon some of Tucson International Academy's students putting on a glorious dance demonstration at Tucson Mall. Graceful & gorgeous! I learned that their students have been first place winners at the Southern Arizona Language Fair since 2004! The school is devoted to preparing their students for a global society. 4 locations in town.
Here's their weblink: http://www.tucsoninternationalacademy.com/

13 May 2012

To all Moms on the go ~

This fun 2-seater "Smart" car caught my eye - there aren't too many of them yet in Tucson - and then I noticed the license plate: CMOMRUN ("See Mom Run"). Healthy mom, eco-smart car choice! Happy Mother's Day to all women today ~ even if you don't have children of your own you're probably caring for someone and should be honored!

12 May 2012

A permanent bouquet ~

Still undecided about what to give Mom tomorrow? How about some permanent flowers for her garden? These bright and cheery metal flowers are at Hacienda Accents on Speedway. 

11 May 2012

Back to blue ~

Thankfully those crazy winds have moved on and our beautiful blue skies are back. Enjoy this image of "typical Tucson."  Happy Friday!

10 May 2012

Tucson's missing mountains ~

We are having a spell of odd weather - fierce blowing winds, scattered showers, cooler temperatures and did I say "fierce blowing winds"?? The winds have been stirring up so much dust that the Catalinas (north of town) are nearly invisible. This view is from the University of Arizona's School of Agriculture campus off Campbell.

09 May 2012

Tucson's big mouse on the move ~

Finally! I have been trying to catch the mouse on the move and here you go.... the ears flap with the wind. Seeing the Truly Nolan mouse car in traffic is great fun. For those of you who aren't familiar with the company, it is an exterminating company with a fleet of "Mouse Cars." And the company also has a remarkable collection of beautifully restored vintage cars that they place around town. Click my label/link "Cars" under this post to see many of them.

08 May 2012

Tucson's iconic tower ~

This has been the welcoming tower at Tucson's airport since 1958. It has been an icon to millions of visitors and residents alike. Alas, this spring it was announced that it will be replaced by a more high-tech structure. Like many government construction projects, chances of it starting on time are small so we'll be able to enjoy this beacon, I think, for at least another year. (:

07 May 2012

Is that a dancing mattress??

Yes, indeed! Tucson has a dancing and waving mattress stationed at Grant & Country Club. Honk as you go by ~

06 May 2012

Restaurant surprise in Tucson ~

Yes! CONGRATULATIONS to Ellen who yesterday correctly identified this unusual restaurant. Built long ago as a restaurant with a middle eastern theme, the Shooters owners kept that look going and just switched out the menu to be a steakhouse/BBQ/bar. Beautiful patio area. Shooters is tucked away where Prince St meets the wash. A shout out to Ellen: please email me at TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com and give me your address so I can mail you your prize. Thanks for stopping by!

05 May 2012

Identify this building and win a prize!

OK, Tucson experts ~ here's the challenge. Post your guess on where this building is located. If you aren't a follower, that's OK, just use the "name" selection in the comment box. Whoever posts the correct answer first wins a "Bad Day/Monday Already?" t-shirt (see posting on Feb 16). Good luck! 

04 May 2012

Hot diggity dog ~ it's Friday!

Oh boy - it's almost the weekend! As the bumper sticker says, "Wag More, Bark Less." Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

03 May 2012

Pretty posies - purple and pink ~

Absolutely everything in Tucson is in bloom right now - gorgeous gardens everywhere. But in case you would rather not have to water every day (or twice a day!), let me suggest these pretty metal flowers. Guaranteed to bloom all year round.

02 May 2012

Hot day, cool respite ~

Let me take you on one last walk around through the Many Hands Courtyard ~ here's an inviting cool spot to sit and rest. 

01 May 2012

Many Hands Courtyard ~ artistry in hair, too

This charming hair and nail salon is tucked into the Many Hands Courtyard. Unfortunately, this sweet spot doesn't appear to have a website or I'd give you the link. Looks like a soothing place....