20 May 2012

Fountain in name only ~

The comment from Elizabeth yesterday got me wondering about a fountain in that area so I drove around and found this not-in-service fountain at the entrance to the (now) NOVA Financial building at Broadway and Wilmot. It's not visible from Broadway - you have to be in the parking lot to see it. I asked a BofA employee about it and she told me that it hasn't been in service for a while. What a shame! So here you have sort of an Incan or Aztec pyramid "sculpture" - a dry fountain.


  1. If I worked there (and the fountain WORKED), I bet it would be nice to take a coffee break out there.

  2. WOW, fantastic job finding that sadly now dry fountain, given my wrong cross roads direction as Broadway/Kolb and leaving out the fact that it is BEHIND the building called Nova, not Pacificare!! You did indeed drive around (and around and around, maybe!) Thank you for your patience and perseverence!! A bit like this new craze of Geocache, but for fountains in a desert city :-)

    Sorry it turned out to be non-functional as a fountain...price of water and all that I would guess, but Kudos to you for seeing it now as a model sculpture of Machu Pichu!!

    When water tumbled down the sides, my daughter (then about 10) and I would try to toss coins to catch on the stairs of it, not easy!!...and then she would walk around the raised edge, while I tried not to think about her falling into the pool! We dangled our feet in, though!

    Thanks again for scoping it out!