29 May 2012

Nothing says summer like watermelon~

Ah, watermelon! The featured fruit of many picnics, barbecues, patio parties, and summer meals. These cold juicy wedges definitely take the edge off the 98 degree temperatures...


  1. It's probably not news to you how Watermelon is revered here in Mississippi...most folks put salt on it, claiming that makes it taste even better, have you done that? Or, are you now going to try it the next time you get a slice of watermelon?!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I HAVE heard that people put salt on it but I have never tried it. So now that you mention it, yes, I will try it! Do you like it better that way?

    1. No, it doesn't add to the flavor for me, however my husband (born and raised in the South) and daughter (Southern genes!) are crazy about salted watermelon...I blame my northern roots, being born in Chicago!! Your New York genes may work against you liking the salted version too, but please let me know how it tastes to you with salt. We may have the beginnings of a research project here!!