13 May 2012

To all Moms on the go ~

This fun 2-seater "Smart" car caught my eye - there aren't too many of them yet in Tucson - and then I noticed the license plate: CMOMRUN ("See Mom Run"). Healthy mom, eco-smart car choice! Happy Mother's Day to all women today ~ even if you don't have children of your own you're probably caring for someone and should be honored!


  1. Thanks for wishing us a Happy Mom's Day...also thanks for deciphering the license plate, which I at first thought said 'come on, run!' as a goad to the car behind!! Us older moms have to peer a bit more closely :-)

  2. Hey Elizabeth, You are not alone! When I first saw it that's what I thought it said, too: "C'monRun"

    So don't blame your age - license plates are often hard to read/decipher when the driver is trying to send a message. Sometimes I feel like pulling up beside a driver and asking what, exactly, does their license plate mean?? (: