22 March 2018

Bus has vanished?

22 MARCH 2010

Ah ~ the mighty Bristol bus brews again!

Anglophiles and coffee lovers can rejoice! The mighty Bristol Coffee Bus is brewing again! I was delighted to see it parked on the north side of Golf Links Road near Wilmot in the parking lot of the Desert Taekwondo studio (6221 E Golf Links Rd).

What everyone loves is the seating "up top" ~ a nice place to relax with a cup o' Joe. For more info about this bus, check my posting from December 30, 2009.

NOW: This bus/coffee shop seems to have vanished from the Tucson landscape. If you can supply any news of its whereabouts, please post a comment! Thanks! 

21 March 2018

Rare Wildlife Sighting!

I am not a dinosaur expert so I looked up some dino images and I THINK this truck's ancient hood ornament is an Ankylosaur. Here's what I looked at to identify it. If you know more, please share!

20 March 2018

Hunting Camels is Prohibited ~

It's time again for Tuesday Tucson Trivia! There is a law on the books that states "Hunting Camels is Prohibited."  Does that pique your interest to learn more about this weird law? Click here for a story from the Smithsonian! 

19 March 2018


Yes, it is indeed Monday! Where did the weekend go? Welcome to another week of unpredictible weather in Tucson - some cold days, some rain, and some sun. As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Let's move the thermometer up from the 40's, please! 

17 March 2018

Did you say WEEKEND?

Yay! It's the weekend! Time to go for a ride and enjoy the fresh air. And as the popular bumper sticker says, "More Wag, Less Bark!"  Enjoy! 

16 March 2018

It's Caffeine Awareness Month! Get your buzz on!

Did you know that March is National Caffeine Awareness Month? Yep, it's true! Need a little picker upper? Here's some advice from the coffee shop experts! 

15 March 2018

The Wall Comes to AZ - Today through Sunday

Our site sponsor, SUsan Dodson, shared this information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall coming to Tucson. You can visit this replica of The Wall starting today through Sunday at the Riverfront Park in Oro Valley. 

14 March 2018

Beauty on the go!

Wow - it's hard to think of a caption that adds anything to this sign! I guess you can really just dash in for a touch up! My, my.

13 March 2018

Literary Lizard!

I just love that we have Little Free Libraries all over Tucson! Here is a particularly fun one that site follower David Aber forwarded to me. 

"NW corner of W. 2nd St. & N. 10th Ave. in the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood. The gila monster, created by Hirotsune Tashima & Jason Butler, is reading a poem entitled, "The End of the Chapter" by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Poem note: This location has appeared in teh Daily Star's website (tucson.com) on 3/25/13 and 7/03/16 (not my photos). Here's the link: Tucson Oddity"

12 March 2018

Happiest Way to Start Your Week!

They say that laughter is the best medicine and the absolute expert of this form of therapy is the amazing talented cast that you will enjoy at The Gaslight Theatre. The current show is "The Lone Stranger" and it runs through March 25. Be sure and stay for the "after show" - the Olio - which is a wonderful show unto itself! This is a Tucson Treasure! 

11 March 2018

Day2: Abandoned mine?

It's time again for another "Where is this?" contest! First person who can identify where this abandoned Mining Cart is displayed wins a fabulous TDP t-shirt!

Here is a clue: This mining cart is on a main north/south thoroughfare and is on permanent display in front of a restaurant. Any guesses??

09 March 2018

Friday Food - all about Tucson on NPR!

It's no surprise that we have many great Mexican restaurants in Tucson - some of them have been been open for nearly 100 years. Here is a feature piece on National Public Radio that salutes our many Sonoran-influenced culinary treats and products. It also mentions a few "must try" restaurants that are not mentioned in some of the traditional restaurant guides. Click here to read all about it. Yum! 

08 March 2018

Tucson's Cathedral is expanding ~

08 MARCH 2010

Tucson's Cathedral ~

Surely one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Tucson is St Augustine Cathedral on Stone Avenue. Over the front door carved in stone are various desert plants and inside the santuary the saguaro cactus blossom is featured on the main altar, pulpit, lectern and baptismal font. On the north end of the property is a colorful canopy/gazebo/stage which is formed of brilliantly colored metal flowers. I'll post that tomorrow so stay tuned!
NOW: Construction! The north side of the property is being developed as a low-income property for seniors. The colorful floral bandshell will be moved but I can't find a confirmation of its new location. 

07 March 2018

One of Tucson's Tuffets ~

A talented photographer and a site follower, David Aber, sent me this photo of one of a set of "tuffets" seen around town. I had never seen them and, in fact, have not (yet!) visited the park they adorn. Do you know where this series of concrete and tile work beauties can be found?
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

06 March 2018

Oldest European Structure in Arizona ~

Time again for some Tucson Trivia -- it is Tuesday, after all!  (:
The Mission St Xavier del Bac (aka "White Dove of the Desert") is the oldest intact European structure in Arizona. In 1790 when the Mission was founded, the land was still part of Spain. This structure is considered one of the finest examples of Spanish Colonial architecture in the United States. 

05 March 2018

Welcome, Spring!

Welcome to a new week and to the first Monday in March! Spring is not far away now. This charming flower-decoratead gate caught my eye as I was on a walk in my neighborhood. So pretty and so welcoming. Happy Monday! 

03 March 2018

See the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses!

This Tucson race track is where Quarter Horse racing began! The winter schedule runs from Feb 10 to March 18 so you have three more weekends to check it out until next year. For the full weekend program - including the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses - click here

02 March 2018

Mmmm... Tucson's Food Friday ~

Tucson has so many great restaurants! Here is a yummy recipe for Chicken Piccata created by the chef at Vero Amore. Yum!
Recipe courtesy of Susan Dodson.

01 March 2018

Throwback Tucson Thursday ~ Snow!

01 MARCH 2011

Cross or don't cross?

The weekend's snowfall was so amazing and unusual for us that I want to share a few more wintery images. Here's a hawklight crossing that I captured on my morning walk.
This winter we have had several cold spells with nighttime temps in the 30's but so far this year we have not had any snow. I remember one year shortly after I moved to Tucson that it snowed on Easter Sunday! We're not out of the woods yet! 

28 February 2018

A Cool Commute!


I happened to catch a glimpse of one of my neighbors landing his paraglider in a common area. WOW! Fun! 

27 February 2018

Snow everywhere but here!

You may not know this bit of Tucson Trivia.... Tucson's Mt Lemmon is the southern-most ski resort in the U.S. Yes! Tucson DOES get snow enough to enjoy skiing - but not this year. Here is the full story on this year's "Non-Ski-Season" at Ski Valley. 
Story and Photo courtesy of Doug Kreutz. 

26 February 2018

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Well, for starters, is isn't Tucson! My friend Kate was planning a Tucson visit for February and March and had to cancel the trip. This is the view from her house in Minnesota! Brrrrrrr! Actually, it has been cold again in Tucson (down into the 30's at night) but we don't have to shovel snow! Hope that spring will come soon for you, Kate!  (:
Photo courtesy of Kate Mura. 

24 February 2018

Get Your Rodeo On!

This is the last Rodeo weekend in Tucson for the year! For the schedule of all events and times, click here. This is quite a spectacle in Tucson. The first rodeo was held in 1925 and it remains a very popular event drawing thousands of visitors each day to watch the best rodeo cowboys in the world compete. 

23 February 2018

Tucson Food Friday ~

Lamb is a very popular entree for the traditional Easter holiday meal and here is a version that you might want to try. This recipe was created by the Chef de Cuisine at Maynard's, one of Tucson's favorite restaurants. Enjoy!
Recipe courtesy of Susan Dodson, LONG Realty. 

22 February 2018

Green Burritos - Throwback Thursday

22 FEBRUARY 2012

Grass wraps ~

THEN: Yesterday I gave you a tip how to instantly brighten up your patio. Today's gardening hint is: take shortcuts. Instead of sowing grass seed and coaxing it to grow, buy an instant lawn with a sod roll up. Easy, yes?
NOW: Still a great shortcut idea but probably not so wonderful for the Southwest unless you can use reclaimed water to keep your lawn irrigated. 

21 February 2018

20 February 2018

The tail end of the story ~

In 2005 a mighty tile rattlesnake was created to sit on the median at Wrightstown Road at Pantano Road. The snake could not withstand the stresses of weather and traffic and over time it eroded until just the lonely head was left. Happily, a group of students was charged with restoring the snake and he is back to his original 64-foot glory. In fact, he's probably better than ever! And here is a link that shows the reconstruction of this mighty rattler. 

19 February 2018

Bobcat Bed ~

Well just make yourself right at home, Mr Bobcat! This bobcat is enjoying a nice snooze on a Tucson patio table. Yep, just stay there as long as you like....
Photo courtesy of Bill Morrow. 

18 February 2018

Tucson's Spiritual Lore ~

The story is that as Felix Lucero lay critically injured on a battlefield he made a deal with God that if he was permitted to live he would dedicate himself to creating Christian art. Tucson's Garden of Gethsemane is the result of his pact with the Almighty. Here's more info about this small public park if you would like to read more about this unusual sculpture garden.
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

17 February 2018

Tucson a desert? Not right now!

We have been having rain - a LOT of rain in the last few days. Here is a backyard rain gauge from north of Tucson that shows 3" of rain! It is wet!
Photo courtesy of Dawn Caffall. 

16 February 2018

Tucson Garden Thief!

So here is a woodpecker determined to get at the hummingbird nectar. Sometimes they contort themselves and hang upside down trying to figure it out. What annoys me most is that they scare away the beautiful hummers in their attempt at stealing the sugar water. And these woodpeckers are NOISY!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

15 February 2018

Gone Giraffe!

15 FEBRUARY 2012

Another naming opportunity ~

In addition to the fine rooster posted on Monday, Phil at Copper Country Antiques has also added this patriotic giraffe to his menagerie. This tall one is also currently without a proper moniker. Ideas, anyone? Red, white, & blue - how about SAM?
NOW: Sadly, Copper Country Antiques and its wonderful shops and cafe and kooky animals are all gone now. The business closed in January of 2016 and the building remains vacant. Here's the news story with more details.  

14 February 2018

The Annual Day of Romance ~

If you are in love, have ever been in love, would like to be in love, or think that a day devoted to chocolate is wonderful, today is your day! Happy Valentine's Day and wishing everyone a sweet day. Hugs and kisses all around! 

13 February 2018

Tucson Trivia - When Sentinel Peak changed names ~

Spurred by team spirit after a win over Pomona College in 1914 it was decided to turn Sentinel Peak into "A" Mountain. And thanks to students who used horse drawn wagons to haul water and mortar to the site, the "A" was built. Work was completed in 1916. The "A" is painted with UA colors (red and blue) and occasionally students from rival Arizona State University put their own colors on it in a clandestine night operation! 
The image is from a postcard of Tucson, circa 1930's.

12 February 2018

A Tucson icon ~

For decades kids have been wondering, "How did they get that wagon up there?" when gazing at the covered wagon that is perched way above Tanque Verde Road. If you are looking for Trail Dust Town you really CAN'T miss this signpost! Fun! 

11 February 2018

And now...listening saguaros!

 As a companion photo to yesterday's disguised cell tower tree, here is a group of real and fake saguaros on Houghton Road adjacent to Tucson McGraw's. Can you pick which ones are real and which ones are the towers?
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

10 February 2018

A Listening Tree ~

This tree is on Tanque Verde near the China Bamboo restaurant. What's cool about this tree is that it isn't a tree at all - it is another VERY cleverly disguised cell tower. The technology for building towers that blend into the landscape is getting better all the time! We have palm trees and saguaros all around town that are functioning cell towers. So nice to keep the landscape looking "real" don't you think?
Photo courtesy of David Aber.

09 February 2018

Gem-studded Wings ~

The Gem Show is only here for a few more days so I thought I would post another beautiful image of the treasures that await you! These amethyst "wiings" are so totally gorgeous! WOW! Absolutely amazing.
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

08 February 2018

Tucson Throwback Thursday ~

08 FEBRUARY 2015

Tucson is still wild ~

In my neighborhood we have a couple of herds of javelina and coyotes but I have never seen a deer. My friend, however, sees deer frequently up in Oro Valley. Here's one in the backyard!
Some things stay the same - her part of Tucson is still wild! 
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.