20 August 2018

So THAT'S what they are called!

It's common to see these colorful and elaborate paper cut outs hung from houses in Tucson. They always look so festive! Do you know what they are called? Click HERE to learn a little bit of Mexican history about them! 

19 August 2018

Tucson's Local Talent ~

Two local treasures are featured here! First, the art of David Adix is so interesting with his use of mixed media and recycled materials. This piece, "Jeangene," is displayed at Pastiche, a locally owned restaurant in Tucson on Campbell near Ft Lowell. Want to see more pieces by David? Click HERE

18 August 2018

Inside looking out ~

Want to take a guess where this is in Tucson? Rustic and beautifully vine covered - looks like somewhere in Europe, doesn't it?

17 August 2018

Toxic Toad ~ Real Danger to Pets!

Lucky for me my puppy Abby only got close enough to sniff this intruder before I pulled her back. This is a poisonous Sonoran Desert Toad that had made his way into my front yard and was enjoying a cool, moist spot near a water pipe. If a dog picks this toad up in its mouth or licks it, the chances are very good that it will be fatal. These frogs emerge during monsoon season so be viligant if you have pets! Here's more info and help tips if your pet has been poisoned. And TIME is CRITICAL to get your pet to the vet!

16 August 2018

Throwback Thursday ~ Still a Treasure!

16 AUGUST 2011

One of Tucson's Treasures ~

THEN AND NOW: Happily, as beautiful as ever! 
Definitely one of the most beautiful parks in the area, Sabino Canyon offers hiking trails (and you can bring your dog - on leash), spectacular waterfalls, and even a tram if you don't want to walk up to the top.

15 August 2018

A Surplus of Applicants?

14 APRIL 2018

Pretty Impressive Want Ad!

I've never seen a "want ad" quite as BIG and COLORFUL as this one. Looks like Toolspot on Golf Links Road needs to increase their staff and they want everyone driving by to know about it! 

Notice anything different about the wall? The ad has disappeared! Job filled!

14 August 2018

Tucson Trivia ~ 4,000 years ago

Corn kernels estimated to be 4,000 years old have been unearthed by archaeologists working in Pima County. This confirms that some of the earliest corn cultivation in North America happened in and around Tucson! 

If you are concerned about GMOs, click here to read an article about groups in Arizona that are trying to protect native and indigenous corn seed.  

13 August 2018

Ahhh.... the Pot o' Gold!

We are so lucky in Tucson to have incredible vistas where we can see full, unobstructed rainbows from end to end! Fabulous! Our storms give us these golden gifts after the rain falls. Beautiful.
Photos courtesy of George Goldman. 

12 August 2018


This animal rescue group was staffing a booth outside of the Roadhouse Cinema to raise awareness of their work. I bought a RAD t-shirt and promised them I would post a notice about them on this site. Check out their website HERE for more information! 

11 August 2018

Simple Messages are the Best!

How fun to celebrate your NEW CAR with a license plate that announces it to everyone on the road! 

10 August 2018

'tis the season! Monsoon season, that is!

Photographers from all over the world travel to Tucson at this time of year to capture the astonishing light show that accompanies our monsoon season. This fabulous image showcases the jagged lightning against a rain-filled cloud cover. In the foreground is our iconic saguaro, the sentinel of the desert southwest.
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

09 August 2018

Historical Throwback Thursday - all is the same!

09 AUGUST 2010

More mansions on Main ~

THEN: 8 years ago this particular posting was part of a "Walking Tour of Downtown Tucson" that I was navigating for site visitors. 
NOW: The tour would be the same! 
Facing each other on Main at Franklin are two very different homes ~ both beautiful. The Steinfeld Mansion (California Mission Revival style) was built in 1898 and originally housed an exclusive bachelors' club (tomorrow you'll visit the club's later location). Later, the Steinfelds bought it. Even later it was a convent! It is reputedly one of the first homes in Tucson to have running water.
The Jules Kruttschnidt House (now a bed and breakfast) blends Mexican adobe construction with a veranda and breezeway. http://www.bbonline.com/az/elpresidio/history.html

Next stop: Keep walking north on Main and on your left you will spot the Owl's Club building - just a few steps from the Steinfeld Mansion.

08 August 2018

Charm at every turn ~

Tucson's historic Hacienda del Sol Resort offers charm at every turn. They have modernized and expanded the resort over the years but have kept the essential southwest charm in every element. 

07 August 2018

Look Familiar?

Yesterday I posted a photo of where I am but no one made a guess. Does THIS look familiar? It is one of Tucson's most charming places. Guesses - anyone??

06 August 2018

Swiss Cheese?

Would you like to guess where I am? Yes, this piece of swiss cheese sculpture is part of the landscape!

05 August 2018

I'm part of Kindness Rocks!

Tonight as I was entering a restaurant I spotted this Kindness Rock! I have been reading about this grassroots kindness project and I was so excited to find one! Tomorrow I will find a good spot and leave this little bug for someone else to find. Kindess begets kindness! Fun and wonderful! Don't know about these rocks? Click here! 

04 August 2018

And WE MEAN IT! (:

Love this sign! This is posted in the Chili's Restaurant take away area. Fun!
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

03 August 2018

Tucson's Food Friday ~

This interesting restaurant has been serving cocktails and dinner on Tucson's FAR east side since 1956! It's way out on Old Spanish Trail and even now there is not a lot built up nearby. The area had to be nothing but desert 62 years ago so this must have been a true "destination" dining spot. I understand that long ago it was a fine dining place with white linen tablecloths, etc. Now it is a much more casual place with patio dining and live country western music. The interior features a floor to ceiling wall of glass so that you can observe the local wildlife like javelina and bobcat foraging around. Fun! 

02 August 2018

Enrich your Tucson knowlege ~ walk!

02 AUGUST 2010

Put on your walking shoes ~ let's go!

THEN (2010):
This week I would love to take you on an actual walking tour! Many of you are familiar with Tucson's rich history, but for those of you who aren't... join me as we go back a few hundred years.

First stop is the Arizona Historical Society Museum. Tucked in the Wells Fargo building right across from the main library, this gem of a museum will set the stage for what we are going to see in our stroll.

Our first stop will be El Presidio, a partial reconstruction of the Spanish fort built in 1775. Let's head west across the library plaza and turn right on Church Street. You will see the fort's adobe walls on the corner of Church & Washington.

140 N. Stone Avenue (in Wells Fargo bldg)
Hours: Tues. - Fri. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Free admission the first Friday of the month.

The AHS Downtown Museum exhibits depict early Tucson businesses and homes, including drugstores, police and fire departments, and the Romero barbershop.
NOW: Historical tour remains the same! 

01 August 2018

Check out the tail!

Look closely and you'll see that this happy cat's tail is the windshield wiper! Pretty clever and would be cool to watch it wagging during a rainstorm! FUN! 

31 July 2018

Care to guess the speed limit?

It's Tucson Trivia Tuesday! Tucson, circa 1903, began a speed limit law. Speed was 7 miles per hour! And Tucson didn't begin issuing driver's licenses until 1905. Whoa, Nellie! Slow down.....

30 July 2018

Karaoke on Congress ~

Historic Hotel Congress hosts "Random Acts of Karaoke" on Monday nights from 9pm - 1am.
311 E Congress Street in downtown Tucson. Call 520.792.6366 for more info. Fun! 

29 July 2018

Tucson's Tomatos - lots of them! FESTIVAL!

Time:From: 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Summer in Southern Arizona is in full swing, and local fields are overflowing with vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet-smelling basil, and enough garlic to make Italian grandmas swoon. Celebrate summer's sweet and spicy bounty at Heirloom Farmers Markets' Tomato Basil & Garlic Festival on July 29 at the Rillito Park Farmers Market (4502 N. 1st Ave.) from 8am - 12pm. On Sunday at Rillito Park we'll be featuring Executive Chef Ryan Clark from Casino Del Sol's PY Steakhouse as our Chef at the Market! Taste how Chef Clark celebrates the season with a bowl of his Tomato-Basil-Garlic Gazpacho with Barrio-basil croutons, garlic oil, and sprouts.

28 July 2018

Special land line!

You sure don't need a land line telephone if you have this handy phone box at your front door!

Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

27 July 2018

Dog Days of Summer ~ Tucson Style!

Did you know that you can bring your canine pal into the Tucson Botanical Gardens during the summer? Yep! AND.... you can also have their portrait photo taken there. Fun! For all the details on times and special days, click here!  Oh boy! Get the leash and GO!

26 July 2018

Tucson Loves Sushi!

26 JULY 2010

A flagship restaurant ~

Here is one of the anchor stores at Broadway Village ~ Elle restaurant. It used to have a giant ripe red tomato as part of their logo/signage and fun tomato shaped door handles at the entry. Ownership has changed over the years and I noticed in my recent walkaround that the current owners decided to paint the tomato door handles shiny black.... Go figure.

Anyway, you can see the weathervane on top displays the year 1939 when the Village was built.
NOW: This site is now Sushi Garden Restaurant which has pretty good reviews!

25 July 2018

Follower Photo!

The National Weather Service has issued an
Excessive Heat Warning
Southern Arizona
National Weather Service
High temperatures ranging from 108 to 115 degrees across Pima and Pinal Counties
for Tucson right now. The heat is oppressive but there is still so much beauty to be celebrated all around us! This gorgeous cactus flower is LOVING the heat!

Thank you Kathi Gardner for sharing this flower spotted on your morning walk! 

Photo submissions are always welcome! Send me things you see, admire, wonder about....  You can email the photo to TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com.   Thanks!! 

24 July 2018

Whisky & More Whisky!

Check out the cool light fixtures at Tucson's Batch Cafe! Batch is famous for Whisky & Doughnuts so they made these cool lamps with the empties! Fun! 

23 July 2018


You are definitely missing something sweet if you have not tried the amazing doughnuts at Batch in downtown Tucson. They rotate their flavors so you can be surprised every day with a different selection. HOWEVER, when we stopped in at 5:30 pm on Sunday they were OUT OF DOUGHNUTS! Not a single one left1 I learned that they do 1/2 price on Sundays for doughnuts so they sell out early. I must do better planning next time and get there earlier! Yum! 

22 July 2018

Epitome of Southwest Style ~

Handsome and rustic beamed ceiling, painted fireplace with stucco bench seating.... where do you think this beautiful, classic Southwest living room is located? 

21 July 2018

Yes, we do!

This is the time of year that Tucson is muddy - very muddy! All of the roads that cross washes are covered with mud and silt and general debris from our monsoon storms. Yep, WE GOT MUD!

20 July 2018

Wow - a FAN PHOTO!

WOW - I am so excited to share this photo of Marty, one of the site's followers, who is wearing the "famous" Tucson Daily Photo T-shirt "Monday Already?"  AND... to make this even more great he is at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and is standing in front of the very same ram that is featured on the t-shirt! Is this cool or what? Marty, you rock! (:

19 July 2018

Throwback Thursday - Still the same!

19 JULY 2009

Two Tucson Icons - Monsoon Sky & Hotel Congress

THEN & NOW - the same! The Hotel Congress is perhaps best known as the site where John Dillinger last stayed before he and his gang were captured by the Tucson police. And then there are the many stories about the resident ghosts... Here the monsoon sky serves as a cloudy background for the hotel's iconic rooftop sign.

311 E Congress St
(520) 622-8848

18 July 2018

The Greatest Neighborhood Idea Ever!

I am just crazy about the "Little Free Library" concept! So far I have found 3 in my own neighborhood and I think it is just great. You create a LFL - build it yourself from one of their kits or create your own design - fill it with books and the rest is up to your neighborhood. People will take books to read and bring them back (or not!) and some others will bring books that they have enjoyed and the cycle of reading and enjoying books goes on. I love it! Here is another one I just spotted in my neighborhood today. I think it might be brand new! Yay to Ann for starting one up! 

17 July 2018

Here's the entrance ~

Yesterday you saw the upstairs. Here's the downstairs (well, the entrance anyway). Any guesses as to what restaurant is shown in these photos?

Tuesday: OK: No one made a single guess! All is revealed HERE

13 July 2018

Unusual Cactus Skeleton!

Usually when we talk about cactus skeletons or cactus spines we're talking about the interior support structure of our iconic living, breathing Saguaro, the most recognized symbol of the West.

Here, however, we have a skeleton of an entirely different species of cactus - the Cell Tower Cactus, a plant found all over the Southwest. (:  Cool image of two new cell towers being put together!

And ALSO NOTE the moody, stormy sky in the background. Hello, monsoon season!
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

12 July 2018

Driving blues? Get a helicopter!

12 JULY 2010

Your personal helicopter awaits ~

Here is the second in my series, Team Tucson, introducing you to people who contribute to making Tucson a great place to live.

Meet Ricardo Cavalcanti, the inventor of this amazing single-person helicopter that he hopes to start manufacturing here in Tucson. It's lightweight, nimble, and environmentally responsible. To read more about Ricardo's "Dragonfly," go to: www.tipjetusa.com
NOW: The Dragonfly concept is still alive and well. Check out Ricardo's new website HERE to see photos and learn more about how this "Green" vehicle works.   

11 July 2018


Another wonderful and imaginative Tucson mailbox! The hood ornament is the front flap. Fun!

Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

10 July 2018

Tucson Trivia - Ray Bradbury's Radio Gig!

Did you know? At the tender age of 12, acclaimed writer Ray Bradbury was a radio announcer in Tucson on station KGAR. He recited comic strips on air every Saturday night. His compensation was free tickets to movies. What a fun fact about Tucson! 

09 July 2018

My what big teeth you have!

Those things that look like anvils..... they are zipper teeth! This fun sculpture is at the baggage claim area at the art-filled Tucson Airport. The isculpture is a suitcase being zipped up to pack a stack of giant white dress shirts. Fun! This metal and acrylic sculpture ("Unzipped") was created by John Davis 

08 July 2018

Monsoon is here! Check this out!

The little bits of rain that we have been experiencing are finally big enough to call it Monsoon Season! This is my favorite AMAZING video of humans making rain sounds by snapping their fingers. You just won't believe this until you watch it! Enjoy! 

07 July 2018

Want to Welcome Visitors to Tucson?

Call for Volunteers for Mobile Visitor Center  
"Visit Tucson" is partnering with Downtown Tucson Partnership (DTP) to launch a mobile visitor center called INFO on the GO Bike that will be at various locations throughout Downtown. 

DTP is looking for volunteers to serve as Downtown Ambassadors for the INFO on the GO Bike. Ambassadors will share marketing materials, brochures, maps, and more with Downtown residents and visitors. 

If you are interested in becoming a Downtown Ambassador, CLICK HERE to fill out a volunteer form. 

06 July 2018

Part bug, Part Box, Part (human) Being...

Here is another of Tucson's interesting mailboxes! I love public art of all kinds and residential art is particularly fun. This Bug Box definitely has a human face! Fun!!
Photo courtesy of David Aber.