29 January 2019

World's Oldest and Largest ~

It is estimated that as many as 50,000 
people attend this event! 

Here are all of the links that you need to plan shopping: 

The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show is HUGE. In addition to the full-to-bursting Tucson Convention Center and surrounding tented parking lots all over the downtown area, nearly every Tucson hotel also has exhibits/booths in their lobby and/or in their hospitality suites. 

28 January 2019

24 January 2019

9 years later it was a little earlier ~

23 JANUARY 2010

Still life with Palm Trees and Snow ~

THEN: (Snow was later in the season here in 2010.)
A fun fact about Tucson is that the northernmost mountain range (the Catalinas) contains the southernmost ski area in the United States - Mt Lemmon Ski Valley. Skiing hasn't started there yet for the season but maybe the ski runs will be open this weekend. Ah, Tucson - golf in the morning, ski in the afternoon!
2019 brought snow earlier than in 2010. Tucson already had its flirtation with snow for the season a few weeks ago. With a little luck, we are done with snow now and can look forward to crocuses and spring! 

23 January 2019

Moonlight and lace ~

Moon and more moon! I hope you enjoyed the Blood Moon photos from this week's eclipse. Here's another image (post-eclipse). I love this image of the full moon behind lace (tree branches). Mysterious!

22 January 2019

Looking up!

In case you missed the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse of Sunday night, here are some photos that capture the beauty and mystery of the event. 
Photos courtesy of Ken Wilcox. 

21 January 2019

Care to share?

If you would like to share your photos of the lunar eclipse/blood moon, I would be delighted to post them! Send them to:  TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com.  I will of course give you a photo credit!  :)

20 January 2019

Moon Mood Music!

TONIGHT - Moon & Music! Enjoy tonight's lunar eclipse with the Tucson Amateur Astronomers Association! Telescopes will be set up on the UA Mall near Flandreau. Here is the complete program info. 

19 January 2019

A Peek Behind the Scenes ~

I was lucky to have a chance to photograph this beautiful female ocelot who was resting "off exhibit" at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. She looks snug in her cat habitat, doesn't she? Beautiful animal! 

18 January 2019

Lot o' Tail!

This handsome male ocelot lives at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. His camouflage is so magnificent that you might miss that TAIL!  

17 January 2019

9 Years Later - He Hasn't Blinked ~

17 JANUARY 2010

Tucson's Bas Relief Godzilla ~

THEN: This oversized lizard stands guard on a residential garden wall that faces Broadway. What fun!
NOW:  He is still on guard, watching the traffic pass on Broadway. Still fun! 

16 January 2019

5 More Weeks of Wonder to Go!

Each year the UA College of Science treats the community to an amazing FREE lecture series that is held at Centennial Hall. Not only do they select interesting topics, they also select amazing speakers to present different viewpoints. The series was launched on Tuesday night with Joanna Masel presenting, "There is no Certainty." Click HERE for full info. 

15 January 2019

Tucson Trivia ~ the Tucson Portrait Project

Chances are good that someone you know is one of the thousands of portraits on display in the Fourth Avenue Underpass. 10 years ago the "Tucson Portrait Project" was launched to capture photos of people in Tucson - all kinds of people...young, old, big, little... and some animals, too! A truly great piece of public art! 

14 January 2019

New Art ~

Would anyone like to take a guess where this striking mural by Jaque Fragua was recently installed? 

13 January 2019

Government worker?

Are you or any of your friends and loved ones affected by the government shutdown? Are you tired of this nonsense? Here is a link that will instantly give you the contact info you need to reach your elected officials. Did you know that you can just EMAIL your opinions - fast and easy! Let's put the government back to work!

Photo courtesy of Dave Aber.  

12 January 2019

2nd Saturday ~ it's happening now!

When is the last time you went to Tucson's 2nd Saturday? It's today and tonight from 2 - 9pm. Food, drinks, music, art, shopping - all downtown! A walk-around fun time for sure!
Here's the link to read more:

11 January 2019

Musical notes ~

I was struck with the resemblance of these birds on telephone wires to a musical staff with notes. 

10 January 2019

Still cluckin'!

10 JANUARY 2010

Tucson's Favorite Chickens ~

THEN (2010): The wonderful Community Food Bank started a community garden about 5 years ago. The chicken coop houses a few different types of chickens and the only ones I saw today were this pair ~ I think they are Rhode Island Reds but my knowledge of chickens is pretty limited! The eggs are sold at local farmer's markets.

NOW: The Food Bank chickens are now part of a whole program called Nuestra Tierra. Read more about it and how you can volunteer HERE

09 January 2019

Star Party Tonight!

Night sky fun at the Murphy-Wilmot Library! Join the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association for a Star Party. Three telescopes will be set up at the Murphy-Wilmot Library at 530 N Wilmot Road.
From 5:45-7:45pm.   

08 January 2019

WHAT is that smell?

If you have ever lived with a dog, you know this smell. There is nothing quite like WET DOG!

07 January 2019

Telltale hint ~

Ah, yes. The only thing that helps identify this snow-capped mountain as located in Tucson, AZ (and not in Canada somewhere) is the palm tree. Gorgeous vista, isn't it? We certainly have been enjoying beautiful snow but let's get back to winter temps in the 60's, shall we?  (:
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

06 January 2019

Today is the last day!

The marvelous exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, "Luminous," closes today so this is your last chance to see these whimsical and enchanting illuminated sculptures for yourself. Enjoy! 

05 January 2019

04 January 2019

Winter Picnic ~

Here's a beautiful and quiet picnic spot for a special winter outing. No one around for miles! This winter wonderland setting is within Tucson's Agua Caliente Park.

Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox. 

03 January 2019

Crazy contrast!

Here in Tucson's Saguaro East National Park we have white clouds in the blue sky and white snow on the cacti!

Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

02 January 2019

Dragon-sized Dragonfly ~

This huge and magical dragonfly sculpture is part of the "Luminous" exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. The artist who created this group of fantasy creatures is Mykl Wells, a local sculptor. Show closes on Jan 6. 

01 January 2019

Fresh new day and Fresh new year!

Here's a fresh start to 2019 - a beautfiul and vivid Tucson sunrise. Gorgeous! What are your resolutions for the year ahead? Travel? Retire? Spend time on your hobbies? Go to the gym? All of the above? :)

Photo courtesy of George Goldman.