21 June 2020

Tucson's Bighorn Fire continues to burn. Here is a striking photo by a local planetary scientist who captured rising Saturn (center) and Jupiter (above and to the right of Saturn). Scroll to the smaller photo to see these.
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Kargel. 

17 June 2020

Toxic Toad!

Now that the firefighters are making real progress containing the Tucson Bighorn Fire we have another (smaller) issue closer to home. The deadly Colorado/Sonora River Toad has made its appearance in the front yard under the A/C drip pipe.

Dogs can be poisoned (FATALLY POISONED) from the toxins that this toad emits. Here's a help link for info from a vet: http://rollinghillspetclinic.com/blog/2699-rainy-day-doggy-dangers-the-colorado-river-toad

11 June 2020

Tucson is Burning ~

Tucson is battling an immense fire right now - the Bighorn Fire. Friends of mine have just been evacuated from their home in the Foothills.
Photo courtesy of Larry Lebofsky.

09 June 2020

Shocking Sign of the Times ~

Tucson's iconic Arizona Inn is shuttered for the first time since 1971 as a result of COVID 19. The Inn has been part of the Tucson community for 89 years and to see it boarded up is very sad. A recent news article said that they hoped to reopen in May but they are still closed with an uncertain date for reopening.  

06 June 2020

Our enchanting neighborhood!

Imagine the delight to round the corner and find this lovely fairy tale sight! Here is Hana and her two sweet and engaging daughters taking lovely mare Cree for a ride. Hana says Cree's name is Gaelic for "heart" and I THINK she said the spelling is Chroi but I just spelled it phoenetically. What a fun encounter! I love it that every day there can be a wonderful surprise....

03 June 2020

AMAZING hummer nest!

This enterprising hummingbird mom built her nest on a string of patio lights! Now everyone knows how tiny those lights are so now you know how tiny the nests are! Wonderful!
Photo courtesy of Mark Sykes.