30 April 2017

Care to Revive a Tradition?

The tradition of hanging May Day baskets on the doorknobs of friends or sweethearts seems to have stalled out - at least in Tucson. For info on this sweet holiday, click here for an NPR story about them. So TONIGHT is the night (or early early tomorrow morning!) if you want to send some sweet wishes to a friend/neighbor/loved one. You have the whole day today to plan your stealthy delivery!  

29 April 2017

Oh! My Hero!

Lizards love movies, too! Looks like this one at the Botanical Gardens is watching a Godzilla movie from the front row. Too funny!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

28 April 2017

Imposing Imposters ~

So yesterday I posted an archive photo of an east side cell tower that I took in 2011.  Since then it looks like a whole herd of cell towers have been added to the hilltop site of Tucson McGraw's. Wow - impressive! So what IS the noun for a group of cell towers? A herd? Flock? Group? Swarm?

27 April 2017

Throwback Thursday ~ Clever Cell Towers

27 APRIL 2011

These saguaros send signals ~

On April 19, 2011 I posted a photo of an incredible palm tree that disguises a cell tower. Here is another style to hide those ugly towers - fake saguaros! These stately cacti stand high on a hill on Houghton Road - on the property of Tucson McGraw's Steakhouse.

26 April 2017

Welcome to Tucson!

This tall cowboy has been welcoming travelers and east side residents since 1982.  He is posted on Houghton Road - way up on the hill beside Tucson McGraw's Steak House. The restaurant's patio offers amazing views of the Santa Ritas! 

25 April 2017

Tuesday is Tucson Trivia Day!

How much do you know (or believe?!) about the wondrous Santa Cruz Sand Trout? This sculpture on Tanque Verde near Pima celebrates these mythical fish that can, according to the plaque, "withstand extreme heat and absence of water." Talk about fish story........!

24 April 2017

Different sort of Dog House ~

I have been planning to build a "Little Free Library" for years and install it in front of my house. If you don't know about the "Little Free Library" concept, click here. Anyway, you can imagine my delight as I walked around in my new neighborhood and found not only a Little Free Library just two blocks from my house but also that it was painted with a DOGGIE theme! I can't wait to meet my neighbor who painted and installed this fun box!! Yay! Woof! 

23 April 2017

22 April 2017

21 April 2017

Friday Feast - Tucson's Secret Garden

Tucson's venerable Westward Look Resort maintains an awesome garden that provides much of the produce for their restaurants. The hero of this "eat local" effort is Raymundo Ocampo, a native of Oaxaca Mexico. Check out this cool video to learn more! 

20 April 2017

Tucson's Pegasus ~

In addition to yesterday's beautiful flying carpets, here is yet another way to fly out of Tucson's Airport - on the mythical winged horse, Pegasus! This handsome sculpture is the creation of Barbara Jo McLaughlin and was a gift from the employees of Sundt Corporation.

18 April 2017

Time for another "Where is this?" All is revealed...

Oh boy! It's that time again to have you answer (or guess!) the all-important question, "Where is this?" The first person to identify where this is wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Let the comments begin! Good luck.

Day 2:  Here are some hints: The location is south of Tucson and is a place that is familiar to most Tucsonans.

Day 3: CONGRATULATIONS to Roseann who correctly identified the location of these flying carpets!  Roseann is one of the leading "smarty pants" site regulars and she quite often identifies the locations. The cool thing about this art installation ("Another Way to Fly") is that the "carpets" are created in glass by local glass artist, Thomas Philabaum. Read more about this great project here

16 April 2017

i do, too!

At first the license plate ("Love Mozart") caught my eye as he is one of my favorite composers also. Then I read the paw sticker and laughed out loud:  "Cats are like potato chips. You can't have just one."

15 April 2017

Be glad you are not a mouse!

This magnificent and fearsome owl lives at the Desert Museum and is one of the features of the fabulous "Raptor Free Flight" program. If you have never observed these winged predators flying just overhead and landing on command, you should make plans to do it. You will never forget it!

Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

14 April 2017

Spring has hatched!

I am so happy that year after year dove moms choose to lay their eggs in a special spot in my patio rafter. A paint stir stick nailed to the front gives this nesting area a little more security. You may already know that doves often make really poor choices about where to place their nests! I was happy to spy two little heads peeking out over the paint stick today. Mama looks content just resting. Happy spring!!

13 April 2017

Throwback Thursday - chickens and chickens!

13 APRIL 2010

Chickens Redux ~ cluck on!

Photos courtesy of Chance Agrella.

And now... even more chickens! I knew that my friend, Chance, is raising chickens in his backyard and I finally wore him down to take some photos of his girls. The top photo is Daisy who is kind of glowering into the camera from her perch in a milkcrate. Chance says this is where she likes to roost. The bottom photo is Buffy with her fetching little tuft comb scratching in front of their coop. Note the stylish red door!

I believe that neither of these cute cluckers are with us any longer but these are SUCH great photos I was happy to post them again! From time to time I think about raising chickens but then I wonder what would my pups think of that? Anyone reading this raising chickens with dogs around? What do you think? 

12 April 2017

Doggie Rest Stop

Fun! Here I spotted a fake fire hydrant that has been installed right next to a doggie waste bag dispenser. Happy dogs! 

11 April 2017

Tuesday's Tucson Trivia - FOOD!

Did you know that the amazing Mexican heroic meal, the chimichanga ("chimi"), was invented in Tucson? Yes, it's true! The original owner of El Charro was making a midnight snack and the burrito landed in hot oil. A legend was born! Read more about it here where the LA Times raves about it! YUM! 

10 April 2017

What on earth??


Poor Mr. Sun is stuck in an abandoned lot that is for sale on Tucson's east side. His past is pretty colorful if you take a stroll down Memory Lane. He was once a feature at the Magic Carpet Miniature Golf Course! Many Tucson residents were very sorry when Magic Carpet was lost to make a parking lot for a car dealership. Happily, some of the statues can be seen around town at businesses and several were moved to the wonderful Valley of the Moon park. 

09 April 2017

Jewel in a nest ~

Wow! I was lucky enough to see a female hummingbird in her nest! What a treat to watch her and she didn't seem to mind having people close by.
Photos courtesy of Ken Wilcox. 

08 April 2017

Glass Joy ~

This joyful glass sculpture has a place of honor at the Tucson Botanical Garden. It was placed to recognize the docents at the Gardens.

07 April 2017

Scoot Over!

This little scooter decorates the awning of Tucson's first scooter shop, Scoot Over.  I have often thought about getting a scooter. The store's motto is, "Fun in Motion!" Hmmm.....

06 April 2017

Throwback Thursday - Spring in Tucson!

06 APRIL 2010

Tucson's adorable "Reds" ~ baby javelina!!

It's hard to believe that these little babies grow up to be the HUGE trashcan scavengers that we know so well! Some things never change! 
Photos courtesy of Linda Wallace-Gray.
Oh boy! Baby javelina! These little cuties were born just a few days ago (see the cord still attached to one). The babies are called "reds." The javelina (pecari tajacu) enjoy dining on prickly pear cactus - spines and all. Isn't spring in the desert great?

This month the Desert Museum's member newsletter is all about javelina (and what a great cover photo!). Click on www.desertmuseum.org to learn more about these interesting vegetarians.

05 April 2017

Ah....the simple life!

Perhaps this homeowner yearns for a simpler time - getting in touch with the land while riding around on this farm tractor. Or perhaps this is just a very large piece of yard art! 

04 April 2017

Tuesday is Tucson Trivia Day!

Do you know how long this sign has been painted on the wall of this rental property at Euclid and 6th? Do you know why it was painted there originally? The phrase is from the Quran and was painted there when this property was a mosque in the 1980's. 

03 April 2017

Driving home the message!

I had to smile when I read this license plate and saw that it is a Mary Kay vehicle! Nothing like driving and selling and the same time! 

01 April 2017

Wildlife Meow!


Here are some recent images from the wonderful wildlife cam of Susan Dodson! Bobcat! Isn't it weird to see the animals staring right into the camera?
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson.