06 April 2017

Throwback Thursday - Spring in Tucson!

06 APRIL 2010

Tucson's adorable "Reds" ~ baby javelina!!

It's hard to believe that these little babies grow up to be the HUGE trashcan scavengers that we know so well! Some things never change! 
Photos courtesy of Linda Wallace-Gray.
Oh boy! Baby javelina! These little cuties were born just a few days ago (see the cord still attached to one). The babies are called "reds." The javelina (pecari tajacu) enjoy dining on prickly pear cactus - spines and all. Isn't spring in the desert great?

This month the Desert Museum's member newsletter is all about javelina (and what a great cover photo!). Click on www.desertmuseum.org to learn more about these interesting vegetarians.


  1. Javelinas and possums might tied for the animals whose level of cuteness disappears most completely once they grow up. :-)