18 April 2017

Time for another "Where is this?" All is revealed...

Oh boy! It's that time again to have you answer (or guess!) the all-important question, "Where is this?" The first person to identify where this is wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Let the comments begin! Good luck.

Day 2:  Here are some hints: The location is south of Tucson and is a place that is familiar to most Tucsonans.

Day 3: CONGRATULATIONS to Roseann who correctly identified the location of these flying carpets!  Roseann is one of the leading "smarty pants" site regulars and she quite often identifies the locations. The cool thing about this art installation ("Another Way to Fly") is that the "carpets" are created in glass by local glass artist, Thomas Philabaum. Read more about this great project here