30 June 2011

Tucson's "other" Barrio district ~

If you like the adobe homes in Tucson's historic Barrio district, you're sure to like the community of Civano on Houghton Road. Civano has a small town feel with sidewalks, front porches, and garages in the back of the houses.

29 June 2011

Flying high horse ~

OK, this horse isn't technically on a roof but I'm adding him as the sixth addition to the "Hoof on Roof" series anyway. You can admire this beauty in front of the Vista Feed & Supply store on Sahuarita Road.

28 June 2011

Playground with no one playing ~

The kids who usually play in Sahuarita Park are definitely somewhere else - maybe staying cool at a pool somewhere. The 110 degree weather ensures the playground stays empty. Everyone is ready for the monsoons to cool things down! They say any day now...

27 June 2011

Too hot for softball ~

No fans! These empty bleachers in Sahuarita Park confirm that it's too hot to play ball! The park looked like a ghost town when I walked through on Sunday.

26 June 2011

Magnificent "Musical" Century Plant ~

When I moved to Arizona I learned about the amazing musical instrument called the didgeridoo. You can make one yourself from the mature stock of the Century Plant. To hear the sounds this ancient and unusual instrument can make, click here.

In 1933 Time Magazine wrote about the century plant and tried to clear up the misnomer of it being called a "Century" plant. It's a fun article: click here.

25 June 2011

Tucson's interesting Barrio district ~

For a lovely stroll - and a glimpse of Tucson's past - walk along Meyer Street and see for yourself that every house is more charming than the next! For more images of beautiful Barrio buildings, click the link below this post.

24 June 2011

'Tis the season ~

Seems like every empty lot in town has sprouted a makeshift tent store that sells fireworks. I'm a little confused about this since I think it's illegal to set any fireworks off within the city limits but somehow all these entrepreneurs received permits to sell the stuff all over town? Hmmm.

23 June 2011

Cool and calming ~

Peeking through the metal entry of the now-for-rent Anjali Yoga & Day Spa building I spotted this serene waterfall. Ahhh - nice on a hot day, yes?

22 June 2011

Angels at work ~

The interior of Mission San Xavier houses near-permanent scaffolding as artisans repair and restore the chapel's remarkable artwork and carvings.

21 June 2011

An iconic work in progress ~

The most common images of the beautiful Mission San Xavier show a frontal view of the facade. This angle displays just the right tower - the unfinished one. Work is ongoing to complete both the structure itself as well as its marvelous interior.

20 June 2011

A Dragon's Palace in Tucson ~

From the outside this is just another Chinese restaurant in a strip mall. But boy have they put energy into decorating! A moon door flanked by an elaborate dragon carving welcomes you and the ceiling is hung with many Chinese lanterns. Exceptionally nice service staff and very moderate prices.
Dragon's Palace/8576 East Broadway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ

19 June 2011

Hungry? Language is no obstacle ~

Doesn't matter if you can't read or speak the language ~ this Mexican hot dog stand's sign says all you need to know.

18 June 2011

Fascinating, fierce Cooper's Hawk ~

From time to time I am lucky enough to receive fantastic wildlife photos from site followers. These photos of a juvenile Cooper's Hawk were provided by Tucson photographer and wildlife champion, Jerry Weinert. Jerry has treated TucsonDailyPhoto visitors to some amazing photos in the past - including his engaging desert tortoise, Lucretia. To see an eye-popping up close & personal video of an adult Cooper's Hawk and to listen to its call, click here.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Weinert.

17 June 2011

Museum color block ~

This huge, colorful ceramic installation decorates an eastern wall of the Tucson Museum of Art's main entrance courtyard.

16 June 2011

Tucson's topiary animals ~

For years the playful topiary animals have delighted motorists driving on Swan near Speedway. Sadly it appears that the dentist's office that maintained this green zoo has closed up shop and the place is for rent. No one seems to be taking care of the amazing live sculpture there - they are looking kind of wild and a little bit dried out. Such a shame...

15 June 2011

Tucson's sunshine express ~

I love the rotating/revolving selection of mint vintage vehicles that Truly Nolen places all over town. I circled around this old truck and did not see any identifying marks that would tell me the make, model, or year. Curious that it is unmarked - usually the vehicles have info painted on the door. Anyone who can identify this is a hero! Thanks!

14 June 2011

Tucson's "O" ~ the downtown doughnut

One of the most fun (and interactive!) pieces of public art in downtown Tucson is the "O" sculpture across from the Tucson Museum of Art. It's solar powered and looks kind of plain during the day - just a white wheel - but at night the changing color show is really fun. Here's a YouTube video of "O" at night~ click here.

13 June 2011

Spring spruce up ~ Tucson's Totem

Last September (19th) I posted a photo of an odd totem pole that I spotted sitting in a corner lot. Turned out there was quite a story about this totem and the business owner's attachment to it. I was happy to recently drive by and see that it has now received a cheerful new coat of paint from top to bottom. They also gave it a 'haircut' and removed all the vines.

12 June 2011

Sun, shade, & carved wood ~

This beautiful rustic door opens to one of the many galleries that fill Joesler Village, a charming shopping area at River & Campbell. Joesler was an architect who designed many distinctive buildings and homes in Tucson.

11 June 2011

Flying turtles & more ~

I'm actually not sure if this creature is a turtle but it is big and fun! It is mounted on the wall of an interesting storefront on 4th Avenue - Creative Ventures. The store is kind of a craft mall/bazaar with a wide range of merchandise from pottery to jewelry to home decor. They rent part of the space to artisans so the inventory changes frequently. A fun place to browse.

10 June 2011

Special Announcement ~

Hi everyone,

In yesterday's newspaper I learned that Tucson is one of the finalists in Outside Magazine's "Best Town Ever" contest. Voting is being exclusively conducted via Facebook. For all of you who have a Facebook account, PLEASE take a moment and vote for Tucson! Voting ends on June 26. I don't know if you can vote more than once - if multiple votes count, please sign on more than once. Just go to: facebook.com/outsidemagazine and cast your vote. Thanks! GO, TUCSON!!

09 June 2011

Gorgeous glass & more ~

Not your typical museum gift shop ~ the Tucson Museum of Art's store (see yesterday's posting for a visit with John McNulty, the store's manager) features fine art created by some of Tucson's best known artists. You can shop here for truly memorable gifts. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/

08 June 2011

A special flair ~

Every few months I like to feature a special Tucson person who helps to make our city great. Permit me to introduce you to John McNulty, the retail manager for the Tucson Museum of Art's gift shop. John has quite an eye for the unusual, the beautiful, and the fun as he selects unique gift items for the store (Tucson artists are featured prominently in the selections). And John, himself, is an artist. The gorgeous rose-bordered mirror in this photo is one of John's ceramic pieces - fantastic!

07 June 2011

Beer & borscht ~

Another image from the European Market ~ here is the cafe portion of the store. All items hanging on the wall are for sale: tablecloths, plates, platters, ladles, tea sets & more. See yesterday's post for more info on this unique place!

06 June 2011

From Russia ~ a toast!

Unless you know about this place you would never really notice it from the street. Tucked into Midway Business Park (Speedway between Swan & Columbus) is the European Market & Deli, an amazing deli, gift store, & restaurant rolled into one. They sell a wide range of gift items from the Ukraine and a huge assortment of imported beers and spirits. They also have a small cafe area where you can order from their Greek/Russian menu. Quite a place! The owners, Olga & Alex moved to Tucson from Kiev.

05 June 2011

Corn belles ~

The ball gowns that these unusual dolls are wearing are fashioned from corn husks! Find them on display near the cash register at La Indita, one of Fourth Avenue's Mexican restaurants.

04 June 2011

The wild wolves of Tucson's 4th Avenue ~

These howling wolves are part of a beautiful series of small paintings that decorate the seating booths at La Indita, a great Mexican restaurant on 4th Avenue.

03 June 2011

Casablanca in Tucson ~

With the elaborate, lace-like metal work doorway and pierced metal lamp, this tiled doorway could be anywhere in the Middle East. This was once the entrance to a yoga studio, spa, and restaurant complex that - sadly - closed its doors a few years ago.

02 June 2011

Ready to roll ~

There is no way that you could overlook this Tucson Fire Department vehicle - check out those VIBRANT stripes! This emergency vehicle was parked in what looked like a service bay on 4th Avenue.

01 June 2011

A Tucson landmark ~

If you're hungry on Tucson's Fourth Avenue you won't have trouble finding a place to eat. Guatamalan food? Pub food? Fancy desserts? And for Italian food there's Caruso's - a family-owned place that has been serving spaghetti and "pizza pie" since 1938.