30 June 2011

Tucson's "other" Barrio district ~

If you like the adobe homes in Tucson's historic Barrio district, you're sure to like the community of Civano on Houghton Road. Civano has a small town feel with sidewalks, front porches, and garages in the back of the houses.


  1. The idea of Civano is very good, building 'green', no mega-mansions and an attempt to keep water usage low with desert landscaping. Hats off to them! Just wish the prices could have been lower, too..ha!

  2. Yes, it's definitely not the place for someone looking for a showy, behemoth McMansion. Because the homes are NOT huge the prices seem a little steep until you factor in that they do incorporate the best green technology. I did see many "For Sale" signs there so maybe there is some softening in the prices right now....