16 June 2011

Tucson's topiary animals ~

For years the playful topiary animals have delighted motorists driving on Swan near Speedway. Sadly it appears that the dentist's office that maintained this green zoo has closed up shop and the place is for rent. No one seems to be taking care of the amazing live sculpture there - they are looking kind of wild and a little bit dried out. Such a shame...


  1. Sad to hear. These were clever creations and it was fun to try to figure out what some of them were supposed to be...hate to see things disappear...they're NOT easy to make, I think, having to do with chicken wire and, of course, careful clipping. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Elizabeth! I wrote to you a few weeks ago. Hope you can check in when you have a minute. Write to me at tucsondailyphoto@gmail.com rather than here. Thanks! Dianne

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