30 September 2011

Typical Tucson scene: Dog & Truck ~

Stuck in traffic on Oracle Road I had to smile when I looked over and saw this engaging fellow!

29 September 2011

Let me introduce you to Phil & Riley ~

For those of you who check the site regularly, you know that once in a while I shine a spotlight on an individual who is part of TEAM TUCSON ~ someone who makes living in Tucson great.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Phil Kindler, owner of the fabulous "It's A Blast" Gallery, a studio and store that features unusual and very beautiful carved and pierced sandblasted glass pieces. Included in the portrait is his canine love, Riley.

It is not too early to start planning your holiday gifts and you will have a hard time choosing among the objects in this gallery. Wine glasses, art glass vases, bowls, jewelry.... and there is something extra nice about supporting a local Tucson business.

28 September 2011

Glowing glass rainbow ~

Here's one more posting of the magnificent glassworks on display at Tucson's Philabaum Glass Gallery on lower 6th Avenue. This has been a week of strolling through the gallery's rooms - each one displaying one-of-a-kind gifts and stunning accents for your home!

27 September 2011

Visionary glass DNA ~

I don't know if artistically rendering the building block of life was in this artist's vision, but these glass globes reminded me of DNA. Or a crazy cobra dance ~ what do you think? There are so many beautiful pieces in the Philabaum Glass Gallery, it's hard to select what to post. Please scroll down and see Sunday and Monday's postings as well.

26 September 2011

Red hot (glass) chili pepper ~

Yesterday you saw the dramatic entry to the Philabaum Glass Gallery. Now please let me show you around the interior... Tom Philabaum is an internationally recognized glass artist and his gallery showcases his work as well as many other fine artists. What is quite remarkable is that the gallery is also the studio so visitors can watch the glassmakers at work. Check their website for the hours when this is scheduled.

25 September 2011

Tucson's tall tail fin with door ~

This striking sculpture is the tail portion of a C-130 transport plane and with a door cut into it, it opens a doorway to the imagination, doesn't it? The piece is on display in front of the Philabaum Glass Gallery (711 S 6th Ave). The gallery staff told me the artist is Konried Muench but I found no info about him or the title of this striking sculpture.

24 September 2011

Tucson's collective community heritage ~

At the Commerce Bank of Arizona event that I attended on Thursday at the historic Stillwell House I particularly enjoyed the displays that were set up in the main front room. The heirloom treasures from the distinguished Carillo and Flores families (Tucson founding families and still active in the community today) were fascinatinig! Here are some wedding gowns from the last century - so beautiful! And photos of the equally beautiful brides accompanied the display.


23 September 2011

Community, history, food, & fun!

Commerce Bank of Arizona is a great community partner and they sponsored a wonderful event, "Arizona's Strength - Past, Present & Future" at the historic Stillwell House. The event's honored guests were the high school graduating seniors of the "Youth on Their Own" program. Features included a festive mariachi band playing on the 2nd floor balcony, culinary demonstrations of Early Arizona dishes, and displays of the stories of these inspiring teens. For images of some of the historical displays, please check back tomorrow.

22 September 2011

Tucson's teddy bear bunny ~

I just had to post one more photo from Tucson's Therapeutic Ranch for Animals & Kids (TRAK) - one of their dwarf bunnies. I think his name is Teddy (I was introduced to a lot of bunnies!). I can't imagine a more cuddly companion to ease anxiety than this soft, furry little fellow or any of his buddies. Please scroll through this week's other posts to learn more about the ranch and the good work that they do.

21 September 2011

Handsome Samson's Family & Friends ~

The miniature horse Samson received a custom grooming & spa treatment while I was at the TRAK ranch on Sunday. He is very handsome! His human pals (Hattie and Emily) keep things running smoothly at the TRAK ranch. Read more about this happy place with the posts from Monday and yesterday.

20 September 2011

Hello to another member of Team Tucson!

For the 10th installment of my special feature "Team Tucson" (showcasing the people who make Tucson a great place to live), I'd like to introduce you to Jill Prickett, founder of TRAK. You saw wonderful Snoopy yesterday and now here are a few of Snoopy's pals - Peek-a-Boo (little donkey at the bottom), Samson (the shaggy miniature horse behind Jill) and either Jack or Millie (can't remember!), the other donkey trying to grab all of Jill's attention.

Check yesterday's post for more info about this wonderful therapeutic facility here in Tucson. And also mark your calendar for October 16 - they will have a great fair & fundraiser on the property so come on by!

19 September 2011

A Tucson Treasure ~ Snoopy the Calf

I met Snoopy this weekend at the wonderful TRAK Ranch. TRAK = Therapeutic Ranch for Animals & Kids. The focus of the staff here is to help kids heal. The TRAK folks believe that there is a therapeutic bond between humans and animals and their work is to guide children to learn (and sometimes to heal) with assistance from the ranch & its many gentle animals.

Snoopy (who is just 3 weeks old!) was saved from the slaughterhouse and after watching him race around the grounds (with his cowbell clanging), it's hard to think about ever enjoying another hamburger again!

To learn more about this amazing organization, click here. And when you do go to their website, definitely click on "TRAK family" ~ it's a photo album of many of the ranch's residents - and everyone has a name.

18 September 2011

Tucson's flying bicycle ~

Kind of reminds me of the great escape scene in E.T. ~ a bike high in the sky. I spotted this bicycle on a rooftop on Ft Lowell Road. The building it is mounted on didn't have a bike shop so I'm not sure what it is doing there ~ maybe a remnant of a bike shop that moved...?

17 September 2011

Southwest magic ~ twinkling saguaro

No party design warehouse in Tucson could be complete without a whole grove of saguaros ~ and if you want them to be party perfect you have to light them, right? Oh I'm just crazy about how this metal saguaro looks illuminated. If I owned it I would have it by my front door! Thanks to Design Definitions for allowing me to tour and photograph their "magic house."

16 September 2011

Spooky spirals~

Suspended from the ceiling of the Design Definitions warehouse these kooky and colorful spirals caught my eye. Wrapped in plastic for storage they look kind of ghost-like. I hope you're enjoying this unique behind the scenes peek at this interesting business.

15 September 2011

Camelot in Tucson ~

Looking for a knight in shining armor? The corporate party people at Design Definitions have Sir Lancelot and several of his pals waiting to joust at your next party. See yesterday's post for full info on this Tucson company.

14 September 2011

Just another partying Tucson cowboy ~

Allow me to introduce you to Dusty Bottoms ~ he is just one of the fabulous and fun props that I saw on my wonderful tour of the warehouse of Design Definitions. This company specializes in designing event and party decor and they have an amazing assortment of items to make your guests go "WOW!" For the next few days I'll be giving you a sample of their warehouse treasures.
Design Definitions - for an appointment and more info please call 520.623.0696.

13 September 2011

Need a little more water?

I don't know about your neighborhood, but where I live it has been raining, thundering, and lightning for days! SO much water! In case you are living in some odd DRY corner of Tucson right now, here is a little refreshing aqua for you ~ courtesy of the courtyard of Plaza Palomino.

12 September 2011

Forever friends ~

This female trio particularly speaks to me of friendship, laughter, & loyalty. Isn't this a wonderful piece of sculpture? This and many other Arizona Earthworks pieces are displayed throughout Plaza Palomino.

11 September 2011

Sad reflections ~

This week's sombre New Yorker cover depicting the lost towers reflected in the Hudson River is a quiet illustration of the thoughts of all Americans on the loss of the Twin Towers to terrorism. Please find a moment today to reflect in your own way about this event and about possible peace in our lifetime.

10 September 2011

Charming shopping & strolling ~

You'll find plenty of beauty at Plaza Palomino ~ both in the shopping center's design and layout as well as in the offerings in the many lovely shops. Have lunch, have a coffee, stroll around - enjoy!
Swan & Ft Lowell Rd.

09 September 2011

Meditative woman ~

A beautiful shopping area at Swan & Ft Lowell, Plaza Palomino houses restaurants, clothing stores, and galleries. The distinctive sculpture of Arizona Earthworks (www.azearthworks.com) is placed all around the center. This woman is part of their "spirit sculpture/mystic women" series.

08 September 2011

Secret resort on Sarnoff ~

Doesn't this look like a water feature at a fancy resort or golf course? It's another view of the very nice Lakeside Park on Tucson's east side.

07 September 2011

Sibling fishing ~

While dad relaxed in a lawn chair, this brother and sister fished in Lakeside Park's "fishin' hole." She said all she was catching (and throwing back) was minnows - but they kept at it.

06 September 2011

Ah ~ gone fishin'

This very nice manmade lake provides a cool respite for Tucson's eastside residents. Lakeside Park offers fishing (bass, trout, sunfish), canoeing, and grass to relax on. Shady ramadas, too, if you want to barbecue/picnic.

05 September 2011

Happy Labor Day ~

This patriotic line up of vehicles caught my eye on 4th Avenue. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all have a great Labor Day holiday ~ travel safe!

04 September 2011

Ready to play ball ~

If you are a regular visitor to this site you may remember the posts from July 16 and 30 as I was showing the "work in progress" of the Hiro Tashima bunny & turtle sculpture. Well here is the finished group along with a fun sign that calls attention to the Michael Perry Park - tucked away off of Golf Links near Pantano. I think this animal group is really a fun highlight for Golf Links Road motorists!

03 September 2011

Sweet taste of success ~

Digging, digging..... ah ~ dinnertime! Watching this little squirrel hunting for a tasty morsel was amazing - what determination!

02 September 2011

Celebration cacti ~

Thought you'd enjoy this photo ~ looks to me like a wild cactus wave! Celebrating the holiday weekend that is almost here...

01 September 2011

Getting ready for a long weekend ~

If you are having a party over the long holiday weekend, wouldn't these retro metal patio chairs be perfect on your patio? Fun!