12 September 2011

Forever friends ~

This female trio particularly speaks to me of friendship, laughter, & loyalty. Isn't this a wonderful piece of sculpture? This and many other Arizona Earthworks pieces are displayed throughout Plaza Palomino.


  1. It's beautiful.
    There is a similar one called "the six sisters" -even if there are only three sculpted women- in the Tlaquepaque village of Sedona.
    "Sisterhood calls all women to gather"

  2. Sweet sculpture :-) Do you mind if I copy your pic and send it to my best friend...there are 3 of us who have been friends for a long time and one of us is much taller than the others, as is the case here, and she has her arms around both the others. I love the smiles! Thank you.

  3. Dear Elizabeth, Send me your email address and I'll send you the photo file which hasn't been compressed for web use. You can email me at:
    Thanks for sharing it!