19 September 2011

A Tucson Treasure ~ Snoopy the Calf

I met Snoopy this weekend at the wonderful TRAK Ranch. TRAK = Therapeutic Ranch for Animals & Kids. The focus of the staff here is to help kids heal. The TRAK folks believe that there is a therapeutic bond between humans and animals and their work is to guide children to learn (and sometimes to heal) with assistance from the ranch & its many gentle animals.

Snoopy (who is just 3 weeks old!) was saved from the slaughterhouse and after watching him race around the grounds (with his cowbell clanging), it's hard to think about ever enjoying another hamburger again!

To learn more about this amazing organization, click here. And when you do go to their website, definitely click on "TRAK family" ~ it's a photo album of many of the ranch's residents - and everyone has a name.


  1. Snoopy looks like a great healer.
    "Trak" reminds me of Whispering Hope Ranch not too far from Payson. It must be a great place.

  2. Snoopy is a cutie-calf! TRAK reminds me of TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Tucson). The mission of these places is so compassionate and so needed in a world that is moving so fast.

  3. Thanks for stopping by the ranch! Snoopy is such a lover and we're so glad you got to meet him :) For even more information on our program visit: www.facebook.com/trakranch

    @Elizabeth: You are so right! We all need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy every day for what it has to offer.

  4. I would have to agree with you on the hamburger issue.