22 September 2011

Tucson's teddy bear bunny ~

I just had to post one more photo from Tucson's Therapeutic Ranch for Animals & Kids (TRAK) - one of their dwarf bunnies. I think his name is Teddy (I was introduced to a lot of bunnies!). I can't imagine a more cuddly companion to ease anxiety than this soft, furry little fellow or any of his buddies. Please scroll through this week's other posts to learn more about the ranch and the good work that they do.


  1. I am SO impressed with your naming skills! You are absolutely correct, this is Teddy! and what a lover he is... :)

  2. "Adorable" in the dictionary has this picture next to it! What a smile he brings...

  3. Elizabeth, Oh it was very hard to choose which bunny photo to post! You are right - adorable, adorable.