24 September 2011

Tucson's collective community heritage ~

At the Commerce Bank of Arizona event that I attended on Thursday at the historic Stillwell House I particularly enjoyed the displays that were set up in the main front room. The heirloom treasures from the distinguished Carillo and Flores families (Tucson founding families and still active in the community today) were fascinatinig! Here are some wedding gowns from the last century - so beautiful! And photos of the equally beautiful brides accompanied the display.



  1. What beautiful dresses! Thanks for giving me a peek inside. Looks like a nice event.

  2. I love to look at life lived in the Tucson past and imagine living without AC or swamp coolers! They were very hardy people...do you think you'd like to go about your day with so many layers of clothing? I know these are wedding dresses (beautiful), but day-to-day wear was still floor-length, with lots of undergarments!

  3. Elizabeth - I agree. I really think that people were hardier then. In the modern world we have grown up with amenities that we can never give up - electricity, telephones, plumbing. It is hard for me to imagine living through Tucson's summer without A/C. Whew!